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Haris Memic of Novus Finance took the leap from the banking world to mortgage broking 11 months ago, with a focus predominately on residential properties. Given his business is in its infancy Haris’ goal is to establish a reputation by building an online presence, word of mouth and referral partnerships. Haris has had early success and is already looking to expand his success.

Haris is an advocate of Connective Home Loans, “I have been using Connective Home Loan Essentials since day one.” Recent research on our Connective Home Loans Essentials product shows that 4 out of 5 customers said they would highly recommend the broker who set up their Connective Home Loan.

According to Haris, the key four benefits of Connective Home Loans Essentials are:

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“In December 2017, I met two clients who had been pre-approved with a major bank and had purchased at auction. They worked for three months trying to get approval to settle, and during that time they had to deal with four different branch lenders due to staff turnover. At the end of all that they were told they were not within policy, and their time had run out.

These clients were distraught. One call to my Connective Home Loans BDM and the Credit Team and we were able to lodge their application immediately. Two days later I was able to give them news they will never forget, and shortly after we were able to settle. We saved the clients their $50,000 deposit and their first home! That was when I became an advocate for CHL


Customer advocacy at an all-time high

Connective Home Loans Essentials product shows that brokers who recommend this product to their customers receive a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +78 – an all-time high.  The industry average for brokers is usually only +45*.
NPS is a widely used customer satisfaction survey used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer

This goes to show that not only do Connective Home Loan Essentials provide great consumer outcomes, but also offers advantages to your business.

Why you will love Connective Home Loans

If you haven’t used Connective Home Loans before, maybe now is the time to take another look?

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