Connective Broker Funding


Connective Broker Funding

Unlock the value of your trail book

Want to unlock the value of your trail book? Need a loan for your broking business and not sure where to start? We have the answer!

As a member of Connective, your business is more valuable because you own it all. That’s right, you get to take home 100% of your upfront and trail commission, but importantly, you can borrow using the value of your loan book!

Today we are very excited to launch Connective Broker Funding, working with a niche funder that can provide finance for your business, based on the value of your trail book!

4 ways to grow your business

What is it?

Connective Broker Funding allows you to get a business loan, using the equity you have built in your trail book. This specialist loan facility can be used for:

  • Working Capital: for marketing, new staff hires, expanded office space, training or any initiatives designed to increase and broaden your business base.
  • Expansion Capital: used to acquire other loan books or businesses from exiting brokers, or to merge with allied financial services partners.
  • Distress Capital: to fund a business separation; or payout ATO or other past due debts.
  • Capital Return: to repay those that helped start your business; repay family or friends loans; or refinance personal credit card debt used to fund your business.

About the loan

Connective Broker Funding offers all qualifying Connective members fixed rate Business Funding facilities from $30,000 to $1,000,000.

The loan facility differs from others available in the market as only your business and trail book is used as security, thus eliminating the need for property as security. Other features include:

  • Preferential terms over a 2 to 5-year period
  • Up to a 75% LVR based on the value of your trail book
  • Fixed rate loans with no covenants or annual reviews

How it works?

Securing Connective Broker Funding is straightforward. It usually takes no more than 1 month from initial contact to you getting your money! Here are some of the criteria to see if you qualify:

  • 1. First of all, you must have been in the industry for at least 2 years, with minimum monthly trail income of $2000 to qualify for a loan.

  • 2. You must own your own trail, this offer is currently only available to Principals and not loan writers.

  • 3. If you are new to Connective, no worries, you will have your time at previous aggregators recognised.

  • 4. If you have joined us directly from a bank, we will assess your suitability on a case by case basis.

If you think you meet these criteria, simply complete a short registration form. Your local Broker Support team can supply you with one of these. Once we receive your registration form, here are the steps that follow:

1. One of our appointed specialists from TrailBlazer Finance will then contact you on behalf of Connective Broker Funding to arrange a convenient time for a call. This call will usually take up to 30 minutes. At the end of the call you will receive an overview of what options you have available to consider and what the next steps are should you wish to proceed.

2. If the outcome of the needs analysis call is positive, you will be assisted to obtain a trail book and performance valuation. This is a paid service (offered at a subsidised rate to Connective Brokers taking out a facility), and involves the Valuer uploading every commission payment made to you on every loan in the past two years (don’t worry, this data is available to us in Mercury and we can help you download it!).

3. You will then receive a complimentary review service where the results of your valuation will be explained. You will also get some useful benchmarking to show how you rank compared to your peers. Finally, your suitability for a loan facility will be confirmed and a written loan offer provided for your review.

4. In parallel, we progress with the paperwork and set up all the necessary loan payments and security for your new facility.

5. That’s it! 4 easy steps and in less than 1 month you can access your own tailored Connective Broker Funding facility to assist your business. Just another way we at Connective work to help you succeed!

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I want to learn more about Connective Broker Funding

Great, just fill out the contact form below and one of our appointed specialists from BBBSA Finance will be in touch. We look forward to helping your business!

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