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As with all professions, there is always something new to learn in the mortgage broking industry. However, many brokers do not have access to quality professional development opportunities that they find valuable. Brokers looking to secure an advantage over their competitors are focusing on education and training as a way of taking the lead.

At Connective, we believe that a quality learning experience produces industry leading professionals. That’s why we’ve made a major investment in our Connective Learning Professional Development Program.

At Connective, your success is our success. We are constantly striving to provide our members with a solid platform for success. With our award winning Connective Learning Professional Development Program, we ensure that each and every one of our brokers can access the quality resources they need to be an industry leader in the mortgage broking profession.

Our innovative program focuses on the challenges brokers face in business every day. Presenting an extraordinary range of learning opportunities with a sharp industry focus, the program covers everything from compliance, product knowledge and marketing, to relationship management, networking and motivation.

Throughout the year we host over 230 events nationwide, attended by both Connective members and non-members. These exceptionally well attended events are both informative and entertaining, featuring outstanding presenters, and loads of networking with peers and lenders alike. Our calendar is carefully planned to ensure a good balance of events throughout the year and gives you every opportunity to attend a range of different functions.

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Professional Development Days

Each Connective Professional Development Day is a half day event dedicated to the learning and development of our valued members. Each event covers a very wide range of information, making sure our members are always at the forefront of the mortgage broking profession.

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Lender Splendour Expo

Our Lender Splendours bring together brokers and lenders for a valuable half day of networking and industry discussion. Our Lender Expos create a great opportunity for local lenders and brokers to build better relationships, exchange knowledge and discuss important industry topics.

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Networking Functions

Connective Networking Workshops and Breakfasts are held around the country every month and are amongst the most popular of our events. The format is simple – there are no presentations and no set agenda. It’s a great way to share knowledge, techniques and develop important connections for your business.

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Connective Webinars & Tactical Workshops

Running monthly, Connective webinars and online learning opportunities are open to both Connective members and those who are yet to join us. Like our small format workshops, webinars are presented by expert facilitators or industry experts on a range of topics, including compliance, marketing and more.

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Connective Conference

Our annual conference is not only a learning event – it’s a celebration of our members, their achievements and how we plan to move forward as a group. Our Conference includes important learning and networking opportunities and also offers brokers a chance to get away and enjoy themselves at the end of a busy year.

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