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Improving your bottom line is our number one focus

At Connective, we understand what it takes to operate a successful and profitable mortgage broking business. Our member’s businesses are amongst the most successful, profitable and widely awarded in the Australian mortgage and finance broking industry.

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to increase the success of your existing business, you can rely on us to help you grow, create multiple income streams and increase efficiency to help you maximise your profits. So whilst you focus on helping your clients reach their financial goals, you can rely on us to help you reach yours.

You set the limit on the cost of aggregation

Some aggregators require you to operate on a split commission model, which can really drive up the cost of aggregation – particularly when you are regularly writing big volumes. Connective gives you the ability to choose between several fee options designed to suit your business model, including the choice of a simple flat fee, so you can limit the cost of aggregation and keep more of your profits.

You also enjoy transparent agreements, no lock-in contracts and the ability to keep 100% of your trail commission, no matter what. At Connective, we focus on providing you with real value for money for the fees you pay, so you’ll never want to leave us.

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You'll get tailored support, no matter your size or experience level

When you join Connective, you’ll be able to rely on support from a professional Broker Support Manager to help you meet the unique challenges you face in your particular business. You’ll get expert help with software training, staff recruitment, marketing, business development and planning, service and process implementation, product support and with anything else you may need, including accessing diversification opportunities to improve profitability.

You’ll also enjoy a range of excellent Helpdesk facilities and much more.

Connective also support

Learning & Development

Mercury Helpdesk

Compliance Team

Commissions Helpdesk

Peer & Lender Networking

Digital Marketing Hub Helpdesk

What our brokers have to say?

Why do we use Connective? The fee structure is perfect for our business. They’re there for assistance when we need them and it fits our model perfectly.

Mark Davis - Australian Lending & Investment Centre

Connective has the infrastructure to support an individual and the scalability is endless. We have the ability to double or even triple the number of credit advisers and we wouldn’t need to change our systems.

Daniel Di Conza - Acceptance Finance

The software, Mercury, brilliant. Compared to anything else in the market, it's pretty straightforward. You don't have to be Einstein to run it. Mercury is a great option.

Kevin Agent - Australian Lending & Investment Centre

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