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What we offer

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Find out about our flat-fees, pricing and how we help brokers to maximise their profits

Committed to improving your bottom line

We’re committed to offering brokers the fairest agreement and fee structure in the industry. Our commission plans are flexible, our fees are reasonable and represent real value for money.

When you become a member of our group, you can choose to join us under two different plans. These plans are flexible and you can switch between plans by giving us 30 days notice.

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Connective Maximiser

This plan is for a broking business confident of its volumes. Once you are settling around $1M per month, it usually works out that you are better off on the Maximiser model. On this plan you pay $720 +GST per partner group (brokerage) each month. Then you add $120 +GST for each loan writer in your business each month.

Say for example you have 5 staff, 3 administration staff and 2 loan writers. Your Connective membership fee will total $720 + $120 x 2 associate fees (loan writers) = $960 +GST each month.

Or if you are operating on your own, you would only pay $720 + 1 x associate fee of $120 = $840 + GST per month.

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Connective Variable

This is a plan that is best suited for brokers who are not sure what their volume will be going forward. It involves only a very small commitment fee each month ($120 +GST per loan writer), and as your volumes increase, your share of the commission grows.

That means on the Connective Variable plan, you start by paying your $120 +GST per month per loan writer (we call these associates). This fee includes all your membership benefits including access to our software and Connective Learning Program. Depending on how much you are settling, the table to the left represents the percentage of the commission you take home each month.

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Connective Credit Representative fees

If you do not hold your own Australian Credit License, you can simply apply to be a member under our license. Our Credit Representative’s fees are $145 +GST per month per loan writer, on top of the fee for whichever plan you are already on.

For example, if you are a sole trader who does not hold a licence, but able to write good volumes you’ll benefit from a flat fee model on our Connective Maximiser plan. You would pay $720 + one associate fee of $120 plus your Credit Rep fee of $145. All you’d pay is $985 +GST per month.

If you’re with another aggregator, why not use our profit comparison calculator to find out how much better off you could be with Connective? At the very least, you will have information to take back to your current aggregator so you can negotiate a better deal.

Profit comparison calculator

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