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What Our Members Say

At Connective, we believe the success and satisfaction of our brokers is its own reward. Here’s what they have to say about Connective membership.

Source: Connective NPS survey results March 2017.

Will Foster – Foster Finance

“We initially moved to Connective for their fee for service model as they are by far the lowest cost aggregator for our business structure. Once we moved we found that the Mercury software gave us a significant cost savings as it allowed us to build efficiencies into a number of areas of the business, particularly with support staff.

Connective’s Professional Development program is also very useful to us, there is a great balance between learning and networking, and the support team is always available.

We are really happy we made the move, it is a real partnership and our success is very much reliant on Connective’s ongoing support.”

“I have been a Connective broker for over 10 years now, and I have never considered looking elsewhere as Connective have never given me a reason to.  Throughout the growth of Connective, they have always given me the same consistent level of customer service, support and advice.  This is a testament to the directors who have developed the culture within the business to attract such high quality people. They have certainly helped me grow my business and be the successful broker I am today.

Mercury is the lifeblood of our business and we would be lost without it.  Mercury is constantly being upgraded and we love the tech focus that Connective have. It is to their credit that they keep improving their technology and have given it back to their clients, the brokers.”

Damien Roylance, Director – Entourage Finance

Jason Back, Managing Director, ALIC

Our relationship with Connective has provided us with the confidence to grow our business from a two man start up six years ago into the most awarded brokerage in Australia. Connective’s support and consultative approach has ensured that we have grown together and understand each other’s needs through shared values and quality communication. We want consistent, reliable and easy to use systems for our CRM as a base, but Connective via Mercury has provided so much more and has allowed us to tailor our system to our needs.  We know at all times their quality team are only a call away, which gives us complete peace of mind to focus on our business and its growth while our team at Connective work tirelessly for us in the background.”

“Ambition Financial has been a member of Connective for over 5 years. We were initially attracted by the Mercury system that was ahead of its time and also the option to pay a fair fixed monthly fee rather than per loan, and that has benefited our bottom line.

Connective are constantly reviewing & improving the Mercury system and it has some great features that have assisted with streamlining our business processes. This has resulted in our business being more efficient in its day to day operations, in both facilitating loans and keeping our clients up to date both pre and post settlement.

It’s not only the Mercury systems that have helped improve our business. The knowledgeable and supportive relationship managers play a big part in our confidence in using Connective. We feel we are part of a friendly and professional team and they are always there to help when we need them.”

Darren Riekie – Ambition Financial Group

Kin Min Wong Executive Lending Manager – One Solutions Group

“We have been with Connective for almost 10 years. Their support has helped us grow our business. We see them as an integral part of our business success.  Someone from Connective is always on hand to help us in areas such as marketing, using our CRM and Mercury software. This has saved us time and resources in developing an in-house solution.

We use Mercury for just about everything. Brokers use it as a sales and marketing tool, admin use it to track and manage loans and managers use the reporting and monitoring features.

Being a Connective member means we are part of the Connective family!

“I have been a Connective Broker since I started my broking career in November 2013. When I was looking for an aggregator, I did bit of research and spoke with 3 aggregators face to face including Connective. I was impressed with the Connective offering – especially the 100% flat fee model and the rating of the Mercury CRM by other brokers. Connective stood out from the crowd with their business model – they were one of the first aggregators to offer me a 100% flat fee model.

Connective is a one stop shop. Their support has really helped me to concentrate on my business. Just to name a few of the ways they support me, Connective has helped me put together 3 branded booklets to give away to my clients and helps me maintain my presence on social media with regular updates.

The team at Connective is talented and helpful. It’s like one big family. Every member of Connective is supportive of your business. A special mention to my Broker Support Manager Mark McColl. He is always at hand for any advice and support. He is more than happy to visit for a training session and keeps me abreast of what is happening at Connective and in the market.

If you are a non-Connective Broker, I highly recommend you to talk to them. Connective will support your business with an advanced CRM system, customised marketing and a cost-effective business model.”

Indi Wanigasooriya – Freedom Park Financial

Steve Fairbairn, Director – Progressive Finance

“My association with Connective commenced in 2013. At that point I had been broking for 12 years and had operated under two of the largest aggregator groups during that time. Like most long term operators, I was looking for an aggregator that could support my business with as little impact and fuss as possible while at the same time, allowing me to access a fairer commission model.

After reviewing several groups I decided on Connective. My business and compliance processes are now more streamlined with Mercury and my end to end time on each file has reduced considerably as a result. Not only are we more productive, we also earn more not having to pay a commission split.

The back-up and support for IT, compliance and business processes is first rate, with great turnaround times for those few times when we do have issues. Connective is continually improving and changing with new systems and process ideas driven by its brokers. They are big enough to offer great support and nimble enough to change and improve quickly.

The change to Connective is the best business decision we have made.

“We made the decision to join the Connective family about 18 months ago, after being courted by a number of aggregation businesses chasing our signatures.

Our decision to join Connective was down to the holistic and simplistic nature in which they run their business. The Mercury software and CRM, in my opinion, was the best of all the aggregators and the support/training we received from Wendy & May (Broker Support Managers in the WA Office) has been fantastic.

The My Marketing platform provides my clients with personalised regular communication, and Connective has also helped us with our social media & online presence.

Connective’s competitive fee structure allows me to attract the best brokers to my business and it is transparent and easy to use for all parties. I am particularly impressed with the synergy that our  businesses have achieved. I have been able to substantially grow my business with Connective’s assistance through its increased product offerings and by putting new brokers into their own virtual branches – a great feature of Mercury. Thanks Matt Cusworth and team, we appreciate all the support!”

Dean LaFrenais, Director, Blue Print Homes

Andrew Tan – Masters Broking Group

“Since joining Connective, we have found the automation and broker experience with Mercury is second to none.

As we specialise in mentoring mortgage brokers, the software allows us to “look over the broker’s shoulders” and allows us to help them grow their business in a systematic and structured way.  The efficiency gains with Mercury have helped our brokers write more business and spend less time processing.

The support from the crew at Connective has been excellent.  IT and software questions are answered immediately via instant chat, and the Broker Support Managers are hands on with their assistance in our business.

Overall, the customer experience we have encountered at Connective is fantastic.  The systems and support we get from Connective have helped us double our broker numbers since we joined, without increasing costs.

Being a Connective member means that we have the right tools at our disposal to build an efficient, sustainable, and profitable long term business model.”

“After speaking to many aggregators when deciding to leave the bank and go out on my own, Connective stood out from the crowd. The team at Connective have a real ‘nothing is too hard’ attitude and have always responded to our business challenges with the enthusiasm you would expect from a real business partner. Working with Mercury has been fantastic, it has a simple to use interface and the excellent support team at Connective have meant that we can do more loans with better, more consistent follow up. This, of course, amounts to lower client losses, a smoother process and more return business.

Being a Connective broker gives me an edge over my competitors and their outdated business models.”

Duane Pedron, Director – Loan Space

Nerissa Moore AFB Company Director/Finance Broker – Fortune Finance

“From the moment we joined Connective, we felt at home. The support from the very beginning was fantastic. We now have a solution for marketing, compliance and state of the art software – Mercury.

It’s more than just a typical CRM and allows us to engage digitally with our predominantly Gen Y market. Mercury’s impressive reporting capabilities have allowed us to grow our business and it has also helped us secure key referral contracts which ultimately improves our bottom line. Special mention to our Broker Support Manager, Mark McColl who has embraced us as part of the team from the very beginning and has been a fundamental part of our business growth.

“Having launched Value Finance in 2015, the support and guidance of Connective has been fundamental to our success and ongoing growth. As a young brokerage, the one-on-one guidance we’ve received from our Sales Manager Matt Cusworth, and support staff, May and Wendy, has been second to none. The excellent commission structure has allowed us to create a model for sustainable growth in our own business.

Initially impressed with the flexibility offered by the arrangement as our business grew, partnering with Connective has given us access to essential business support and technology, with Mercury providing a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for database and compliance management. Additionally, we’re also offered regular opportunities to network with Perth’s top brokers and other industry professionals, which helps us to foster innovation and best-practice.

The diverse knowledge and experience, along with the enthusiasm and approachability of Matt, May and Wendy are an asset to the Connective Team, and a perfect complement to ours.

It’s the personalised service and the genuine care and attention that make us very happy to be members of Connective and sets them apart from other aggregators.”

Daniel Niederberger, Finance Broker/Director – Value Finance

Naga Veluppillai Nagarajah Director – Ringo Boy Pty Ltd

“One’s employer or business partner is either your good fortune or your misfortune.

After spending my first five years in business with another aggregator, I have realised that my mortgage broker life has only taken the turn into ‘good fortune’ since joining Connective. I am now completing almost 6 years with Connective with the feeling of being part of a big happy family.

It is hard to comprehend how, in such a large and diverse organisation as Connective, I have not come across any unpleasant experiences to date and this speaks for the quality of its leadership, directors and employees.

I believe Connective brokers are very fortunate to be part of this organisation.  The quality of service and committed employees in every department (with special mention to Loreta my Broker Support Manager/BSM who is always willing to hold my hand through solving problems and helping to grow my business) has been excellent.

My business has gained momentum in the last 3 years due to the Mercury IT platform which has allowed me to manage every aspect of my business from opportunities, managing my data base, compliance, marketing and the dedicated and continuous support from my BSM, Compliance and IT staff at Connective.

The positive experience of being with Connective has given me confidence.  I believe this has been the catalyst to my increased involvement, dedication and ability to grow my business.

I shall conclude by summarising the Connective philosophy as LIVE AND LET LIVE.”

“We joined Connective less than two years ago now and have never looked back!

Being somewhat new to the industry, we have been able to hit the ground running with the help of Connective’s user-friendly CRM platform Mercury, as well as the outstanding support we get from our Broker Support Manager Loreta Berti.

Since joining Connective we have had the opportunity to continue our education though their excellent training events and webinars, as well as have the opportunity to meet with our Connective peers.

Connective have provided all the tools and support we need to run a successful business!”

Rory McCann, Director – Prosper Finance

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