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Mercury Software

Unleash the full potential of Mercury with complete training and ongoing support

A flexible software platform that provides complete business support

We often hear from brokers who are not with Connective, protesting that their aggregator’s software is hampering their growth. In fact, according to The Adviser Magazine, almost half of all brokers say they’re unhappy with their current aggregator’s software platform.

Professional brokerages today need software that does far more than simple loan calculations and scenarios. Whether you are running a one person operation, or a multi loan writer business with many locations, you need a software platform that gives you the tools you need to manage all aspects of your business.

Purpose built, quality software to power your business

Quality software is at the core of business success and when we talk about software, we don’t just talk in terms of calculators and loan products. We talk about providing you with the ability to have complete control and visibility over each and every aspect of your business.

Mercury is purpose built for mortgage brokers. We continually invest considerable resources into the ongoing development of Mercury, constantly applying an innovative approach to ensure we not only keep up with technological developments, but changes in the mortgage broking industry.


Included with your monthly flat fee at no additional cost, Mercury assists you in complying with your NCCP obligations with One Click Compliance that gives you automatic document creation – all with a full audit trail.

  • ­Compliance documentation automatically produced
  • ­Audit trail provided by note records
  • ­All company policies and procedures can be stored for review
  • ­In built One Click Compliance

Data Security and Management

Mercury is a robust and secure cloud platform which enables you to conduct business from anywhere, at any time. You can feel confident that your data is safe with full backup and redundancy. Plus, you have the freedom to export and import all your data anytime you like.

  • Data is safely backed up with security and redundancy
  • Scan and save all important documents
  • Save your commonly used documents
  • Ability to export all of your data, whenever you like


Generate more demand for your business with easy to use campaigns. Track where your leads are coming from so you know where to focus your attention. Create your own marketing materials with mail merges, email marketing, and campaign management tools.

  • Automate the delivery of material to your clients
  • Build your own marketing lists

CRM & Workflow

Mercury’s extensive CRM helps you to maximise every opportunity. Full integration with calculator tools and compliance documents ensures greater business efficiency.

  • Management overview of staff workloads
  • ­Full workflow management
  • Tasking system and templates

Reporting & Business Management

Mercury provides a clear and transparent commission management system so you can feel confident about your income. With full cash flow reporting and business performance analysis, Mercury houses real time vital reports that keep you on top of your finances.

  • Searchable commission statements
  • Cash flow reporting via settlement report
  • Commission variation and enquiry tools
  • Overview of your business’ performance
  • Track workload and productivity of staff members

Calculation tools

Mercury provides you with the tools you need to present your clients with accurate and informed recommendations. With constant updates by our Products Team, Mercury’s built-in calculation tools make it easy to choose products that meet your client’s needs.

  • Borrowing capacity
  • Funds position, including multiple purchase and refinance scenarios
  • Loan comparison analysis
  • Product criteria search

“We want consistent, reliable and easy to use systems for our CRM as a base, but Connective via Mercury has provided so much more and has allowed us to tailor our systems to our needs.”

Jason Back, Australian Lending & Investment Centre.

Additional Mercury Features

Easy access

Web based software means that you can access Mercury wherever you have the internet. It also allows multiple staff members to access and use Mercury at the same time.

Online lodgement

Mercury has a direct interface with Next Gen’s ApplyOnline Platform and complete back channel communication from Next Gen.

Help and support

With Mercury you get a dedicated Help Desk, training videos for commonly done tasks, weekly webinars, monthly induction sessions, programmers in-house to constantly develop software and your own Broker Support Manager to conduct training sessions for you and your staff.

Knowledge base

Mercury gives you fast access to all lender forms and policy documents with Brokepedia ­ - a searchable database of lender policy and procedures, Residex valuations and credit checks from Veda Advantage.

Document library

You’ll have access to all forms and calculators for each lender and can store all of your commonly used documents.

Integration with additional software

Mercury has a sophisticated API, allowing it to sync with external software including Outlook, Docusign, and other CRMs such as Salesforce, in order to support your existing business processes.

Internal communications

You can publish your own internal news items for staff usage.

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