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Chinese Broker Support 中文语言服务

Support and education for Chinese speaking brokers and their customers

Australia’s Chinese speaking community is well-established and growing every year, creating an increasingly significant market segment for our mortgage and finance industry.

This has also created some excellent business opportunities for Chinese speaking brokers specialising in servicing this rapidly developing market segment.

华人社群在澳大利亚发展蓬勃并且每一年持续增长 , 日益成为我们的贷款及金融行业中越来越重要的客户群体. 这同时也给专注为澳洲华人服务的华语经纪创造了不少商业机会.

The success of any mortgage broking business relies on your ability to communicate effectively with your customers and provide the highest level of professional service. To assist you with overcoming the unique challenges of doing business in two languages, Connective has developed an excellent Chinese language broker support program.

任何贷款中介业务上的成功都取决于经纪是否有能力与客人进行良好沟通 , 并同时提供最好的专业服务. 为了更能帮助你去克服用两种语言经营业务时所带来的挑战 , Connective 为我们的房贷经纪开展了中文支持服务.

Designed to help you meet your obligations under NCCP and Responsible Lending, the program features informative Chinese language articles, educational webinars, networking and training events, as well as compliance documentation. You can also enjoy personalised assistance and support in your native Chinese language from Ryan Leong on the Connective Compliance Team.

我们希望能为帮助大家的业务更能符合 N CCP 及负责任贷款的法规要求 , 我们会提供技术性的中文的文章 , 网上讲座, 培训及商业活动 , 其中也包括法规文件档案 . 同时我们的华语法规专员梁展鹏先生也会给你提供个人化的支持,确保符合你们公司的需要.

Meet Ryan Leong – Compliance Support Manager


Ryan Leong is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese and has a thorough understanding and appreciation of the many nuances of Chinese culture. In addition to his skill in assisting you to overcome any language barriers, Ryan can help you understand our customs, social norms and Australian business practices and fit both cultures together. Ryan is fully trained and qualified as a Connective Compliance Support Manager, holds the ‘CPA’ (Certified Practicing Accountant) delegation and holds a Master Degree in Risk Management. Ryan is also studying to achieve qualifications as a certified NAATI Translator.

梁展鹏先生能說流利的国语和粤语 , 同时也理解及重视中国市场的众多特点. 除了他的知识能帮助你消除语言上的障碍 , 他也能够帮助你明白到澳大利亚的商业模式及责任 , 从而令到大家的业务在两种文化之间共融 . 梁展鹏先生充分具备了法规支持经理的能力及经验 . 他拥有澳洲注册会计师资格 , 以及风险管理硕士 . 他同时也在攻读 NAATI 中英翻译的专业资格.

Watch this great video where Ryan introduces himself and the services he provides.


Watch in Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 Watch in Simplified Chinese 简体中文

Tips for verifying the employment of Chinese borrowers
Ryan 的小提示 : 如何有效地查核在中国的借款人雇主资料

Happy Moon Festival!

Watch a bi-lingual presentation 观看中英演讲

Connective Compliance Message
Connective 法规信息

Watch in Simplified Chinese 简体中文 Watch in Traditional Chinese 繁體中文

Connective Remaining Compliant Webinar
Connective 法规网上讲座

Watch in Simplified Chinese 简体中文 Watch in Traditional Chinese 繁體中文

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