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The Connective Asset Finance Lender Panel


Give your clients what they want every time, with our fully comprehensive lender panel.

Finance Brokers generate most of their business by word-of-mouth and customer referrals. So, if you are unable to assist when a customer throws you a bit of a curve-ball, it can be a blow to your business.

With over 20 Specialist Lenders on the Connective Asset Finance Lender Panel, you’ll have every scenario covered. A wider range of lenders also allows you to shop around for better terms and rates – something your clients will really appreciate.

You’ll find we are working constantly to expand your product range and choose lenders who will work with you to finance those complex scenarios and unusual requests that are often just too hard for the big lenders to consider. Here’s a few examples.

Personal Asset Finance Lenders

It’s easy enough to finance a car loan, but what happens when your client wants to buy a motorbike or a boat? Not every lender will approve a motorbike or boat as security for a loan, which can often mean the only choices available to you are an unsecured or personal loan at a much higher interest rate.

Considering that motorbikes and boats are a very popular purchase, this does seem a bit stiff!  The Connective Asset Finance Lender Panel gives you a variety of choices to cover your clients. Our specialised lenders provide you with some of the industry’s most competitive rates and terms for new and used bikes, scooters and boats.

What happens when they want to buy something unusual?

“A client bought a vintage car and just assumed the finance would go through. But it was not a standard thing, so he put himself in a difficult situation, as I could not get the lenders I usually use to take it on. So, I got in contact with the BOLT Scenarios Team and they came up with a solution fast. I couldn’t have done it without their help – I had no idea who to ask.” Nick Kakalis, Finance Unlimited.

The Connective Asset Finance Lender Panel will provide you with the capacity to finance just about any kind of personal or business asset – including those that may be outside the box. What would you do if a client asked you to finance a personal asset like a multi-horse float, or a vintage car restoration project?

The great thing about being a Connective Asset Finance broker is that you don’t have to maintain accreditations with every lender on the panel to gain access to them. You can put the occasional unusual request through our BOLT processing platform and use the BOLT Scenarios Team to help you work out a deal and find a suitable lender. It’s a great time-saver and allows you to add-value to the services you provide to your clients.

Save time and effort on those difficult equipment and machinery loans.

Finance Brokers who specialise in business equipment and machinery loans work hard for their money! Whilst the right equipment is vital for the business success of every customer, organising affordable finance options can be difficult because every business and their loan or leasing requirements are completely different.

We’ve included some of Australia’s most reputable business equipment and machinery financiers on the Connective Asset Finance Lender Panel to give you easy access to competitive options for every type of scenario.

The important thing to remember about these Connective Asset Finance Panel Lenders is that they always place you and your customer first. They work to improve your capacity to provide an exemplary solution in every scenario – even those that regular lenders won’t consider – making you the hero with your clients.

“So, I went to the BOLT Team and asked them for help. They quickly came up with a great solution that literally saved the client’s business. They worked with a lender who recommended that the client trade-in his current equipment, which would allow him to pay out the existing loan and get brand new equipment – a move which meant he could start fresh with a clean financial record.” Slava Chourouev, Urban Finance Brokers.

Lenders to help you be more competitive with personal loans and unsecured credit.

Whether you’re looking for unsecured credit for a business customer or for a customer’s personal use, the Connective Asset Finance Lender Panel gives you access to some of the most competitive rates and flexible terms available on the market. That means you’ll be empowered to work out a loan or lease that makes your customer’s purchase more affordable.

This capacity sets you apart from your competitors and direct lenders. You’ll be able to provide a higher level of service that generates more referrals and steady business growth.

How we work with our lenders to give you more competitive products.

One example of how we work to provide you with the market’s most competitive asset finance lending products is our recent work with RateSetter – one of Australia’s leading P2P lenders.

In the first agreement struck with an aggregator and exclusive to Connective, the RateSetter Car Loan provides brokers a seamless, fast and simple online application-to-settlement journey with a market-beating 4.95% p.a fixed interest rate (6.55% comparison rate*) to prime customers, making it potentially the most highly competitive of any consumer car finance product available through the third-party channel. (Terms & Conditions apply. For all the details, read more here.)

Got a tricky scenario? 

Being a Connective Asset Finance Broker means you can do more for your clients. That means better client retention and clients who become enthusiastic advocates of your business. If you have a tricky scenario on hand, or simply want to find out more about what our highly diversified lender panel could do for your business success, just talk with your Connective Asset Finance BDM today.

Click here to contact your Connective Asset Finance team today. Not a Connective Asset Finance broker yet? Click here to arrange a chat with your local Connective Broker Support Manager or contact the nearest Connective Asset Finance BDM today.