5 Tips to Maximise Business Growth This Spring Buying Season

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The spring buying season is almost here, and while housing values growth rates look to be slowing, buyer demand is still high. This could spell fresh opportunities for your clients to get on the property ladder and new business opportunities for you.

Here are four tips to help you prepare your business so you can maximise growth this spring buying season.

1. Leverage Your Point of Difference

Knowing and promoting your business’s key value proposition gives you confidence, helps you achieve growth, and attract and retain clients. To make the most of the spring buying season and get ahead of the competition, put your business front of mind for your clients.


  • Use Connective Property Tools to offer your clients customised property market data reports all branded with your logo and brokerage contact information. This not only keeps you informed of changes in the market, but it also provides your clients with something of value that will empower their home-buying journey.

2. Create a Growth Strategy and Marketing Plan

Understanding your business and having a vision for growth is one thing but creating the right strategy plan will ensure you follow through and achieve the success you desire. Ask yourself what growth objectives you have for the spring buying season and how you plan to reach them, then market your services.


  • Customised email marketing campaigns are an effective tool for engaging and educating new and existing clients about the spring buying season. Focus on one clear message, such as encouraging your clients to secure a pre-approval ahead of spring so they can act fast when they find the right place. Reinforce your point of difference— that you’re there to find them the best loan for their needs and goals, and to make the process simple and straightforward.

Connective provides email templates from Mercury and Digital Marketing Hub to make it easy for members to execute targeted email marketing campaigns.

3. Empower Your Staff to Provide Extra Value to Clients

Encourage your staff to share their expertise with clients through different mediums.


  • Host a free virtual seminar or information event that’s tailored to your target client base. What are your clients worried or curious about right now? What would provide value? Perhaps they want to know what it’s like to buy during a lockdown, or they want to know more about growing wealth through property investing. Whatever it is, a special event like this (advertised via email and social media, of course) is a great way to raise your brokerage’s profile, showcase your professionalism and introduce your services to a new audience.
  • You could do Q&As on social media showcasing your staff’s experience, interests, and client offerings. Not only does this put your staff in the spotlight and recognise their talents, but it also generates brand awareness and engagement with followers.

4. Perfect time to diversify

Diversification creates more opportunities to grow your customer base. It allows you to tap into new market segments and potentially new revenue streams.


5. Take Advantage of our Experts

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact your Connective Broker Support Manager for more information on DMH, CPT QuickAF, and ways you can maximise your business for growth during the spring selling season.