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Unlock the value of your trail book with a business loan via Connective

If you need a loan to take your broking business forward, you can borrow against the value of your trail book and secure a loan via Connective. Whether you're looking to hire new staff, expand or renovate business premises, or pay off some debts, your business' ongoing success might depend on securing additional funding. Working with a niche funder via Connective, you can secure a loan for business purposes using only your trail book as security.

Introducing Connective Broker Funding

Loans to support a variety of business needs

Loans obtained via Connective Broker Funding can be used for a range of business needs and expenses.

Working capital

For operational expenses such as marketing, new staff hires, expanded office space, training, or any initiatives designed to increase and broaden your business base.

Expansion capital

For expenses incurred in growing your business, such as acquiring other loan books or businesses from exiting brokers, or to merge with allied financial services partners.

Distress capital

For funding a business separation, or for paying out ATO or other past due debts.

Capital return

For repaying the people that helped you start your business (such as family or friends), or refinancing personal credit card debt used to fund your business.

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Fixed rate loans with competitive terms

Get access to business funding loans ranging from $30,000 to $1 million, using only your trail book as security. Enjoy preferential terms over a 2-5 year period, and up to a 75% LVR based on the value of your trail book. Plus, benefit from a fixed rate with no covenants or annual reviews, so you can focus on growing your business.

Straightforward qualifying criteria

Connective Broker Funding is available to Connective Principal Owners who own their own trail, and have been in the industry for over two years—regardless of which aggregator you have worked with in the past. You must have a minimum monthly trail income of $2000 to qualify for a loan.

If you have joined Connective directly from a bank, we will assess your suitability on a case-by-case basis.

Three simple steps to get access to your loan

  • Get in touch

    Fill in the registration form below, and one of our appointed specialists will give you a call to talk through your options and arrange next steps.

  • Have your trail book valued

    Using your Mercury records, a Valuer will assess your commission payments on all your loans from the last two years. They'll confirm your suitability for a loan, and how you rank against your peers.

  • Finalise paperwork and security

    A written loan offer will be provided to you for review. We'll then progress with the paperwork and set up all the loan payments and security for your new facility.

Get started with Connective Broker Funding

To get the ball rolling on your loan application, simply fill out the form below, and one of our finance specialists will be in touch. Not a Connective member yet? Join today to get access to our full range of products and services.

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