Congratulations to our top 100 and Elite Brokers

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Every year, our leading industry publications produce a list of Australia’s top performing brokers. Just making it onto these lists is a huge achievement. Below are the Connective Brokers who are featured in the MPA Top 100 Report and The Adviser’s Elite Brokers rankings. Please join us in congratulating your peers on their outstanding success this year.

MPA TOP 100 (in order of ranking)

2 – Mark Davis, The Australian Lending & Investment Centre

6 – Kevin Agent, The Australian lending & Investment Centre

7 – Andrew Mirams, Intuitive Finance

11 – Nathan Vecchio, Hunter Galloway

13 – Daniel Hustwaite, Aqua Financial Services

19 – Will Foster, Foster Finance

28 – Stephen McClatchie, Loans Australia

34 – Jordan Beh, Insight Property Finance

43 – Joshua Durrant, Choice Capital

49 – Kelly Cameron, Get Real Finance

50 – Natasha Choi, The Australian Lending & Investment Centre

54 – Sam Carrello, Napoleon Finance

56 – Clinton Waters, Axton Finance

59 – David Steere, Summit Finance Group

63 – Peter Goldberg, Pinnacle Capital Pty Ltd

66 – Alycia Inglis, Stoneturn

72 – Andrew Algie, Addisons Advisory Group

86 – Mario Borg Mario, Borg Strategic Finance

99 – Redom Syed, Confidence Finance.


Natasha Choi, Australian Lending and Investment Centre

Andrew Mirams, Intuitive Finance

Mark Davis, Australian Lending and Investment Centre

Kevin Agent, Australian Lending and Investment Centre

George Samios, Madd Loans

Faris Dedic, Red Door Financial Group Pty Ltd.