Connective Essentials: it's all in the name

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With the addition of three new funders to the Connective Home Loans portfolio this year, we step back and turn the spotlight on our longest standing white label product.

We speak with JEM Finance Group director, Jonathan Streater, about how Connective Essentials is living up to its name by delivering on the fundamentals.

No fuss solution

Borrowers have never had greater choice when it comes to securing a home loan that’s right for them. There are literally thousands of products - all with their own features - to choose from.

While the Australian lending landscape has never been more complex, Connective Essentials, funded by Advantedge, cuts through this by delivering a straight-forward and competitive home loan.

“Connective Essentials doesn’t provide the ‘bells and whistles’ of some of the products offered by the major banks but many borrowers don’t need or want the extras.

“Instead, what you get is a simple, quality home loan with redraw. The pricing is sharp and the fees are minimal. No frills and no fuss … and that’s appealing for a lot of borrowers,” Jonathan said.

Service is the new frontier

According to Jonathan, it’s the backing of an efficient and reliable service that really stands out for Connective Essentials.

“Turnaround times are a massive issue at present for our industry. They have blown out and it’s taking some lenders up to a week, or sometimes longer, before anyone even gets around to review the application.

“This is creating some obvious problems, not only for the client but also for us as brokers. Part of a broker’s role is to manage client expectations but that’s very difficult to do when you don’t know what to expect.

“Thankfully, my experience with Connective Essentials has been the complete opposite. I recently submitted an application late in the afternoon and had conditional approval, subject to valuation, through the following morning.

“I really couldn’t believe it and nor could my client. I sensed she was a bit sceptical when I called to let her know, so I simply forwarded her the written confirmation.

“Granted, it was a solid application but that level of service is astonishing. You can’t underestimate the value of consistency and certainty, and that’s the new frontier where lenders can differentiate themselves from the pack.

The complete package

While JEM Finance Group has not written a large number of white label loans to date, Jonathan expects this will change as borrowers become more aware and comfortable with the option.

“The new products that Connective has introduced under its white label offering are very compelling and they now have loan options in place to meet all the needs of most borrowers.

“You can see the strategy behind the design of the white label portfolio and where all the products sit.

“I already have a loan in the final stages with Connective Solutions, and that has been a very positive experience as well,” Jonathan said.

Want to find out more?

As a Connective member you may already accredited with Connective Essentials, contact your Connective Home Loans BDM or talk to your Advantedge BDM for more information.

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