9 reasons why asset finance brokers need an aggregator

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One of the biggest road-blocks to growing your business is the time it takes you to manage it well. An experienced partner focused on simplifying your business processes and enabling you to spend more time in front of clients, could potentially double your earning power over night. Connective Asset Finance is that partner. Here are 10 reasons why you need an aggregator if you want to maximise your earning potential.

  1. CRM and marketing facilities designed to help you generate more leads, maintain client relationships and manage them cost-effectively.

    The Mercury CRM will ensure you never miss an opportunity – whether it’s from a new lead or an existing contact in your database. Automated marketing and communication facilities allow you to effortlessly stay in touch with your clients and reach out to them when they need your services most. You won’t have to remember a thing – client’s birthdays included! Your Mercury CRM will remember it all for you.

  2. Streamline your business processes with our easy-to-use software platform.

    Mercury is a built-for-purpose IT Platform that we develop in-house, specifically for our brokers. It allows you to create automated tasking templates which prompt you and your staff to take the right actions for each client at the right time. You can use them to create, automate and streamline your business processes, drive your marketing activities, standardise your customer service delivery and much more. It’s a great time saver for you and every person in your business.

  3. Access to a wider variety of lenders.

    Finance brokers generate a lot of business through customer referrals and word of mouth. If you are unable to give your customers what they want every time, it can soon undermine your business and damage your reputation.

    There are currently more than 30 specialist lenders on the Connective Asset Finance lender panel and we’re adding new ones all the time – so you can always be sure you have every scenario covered. When you handle those unusual customer requests and complex scenarios like a seasoned pro, you’ll be the hero.

  4. More competitive terms and rates.

    A wider range of lenders also allows you to shop around for better terms and rates – something your customers will really appreciate. Our extensive lender panel gives you more options to assist your clients, so you can help to make their personal and business asset purchases more affordable.

  5. Dedicated BDMs to provide support with scenarios and help you give your customers best-practice outcomes and exemplary service.

    Your local Connective Asset Finance BDMs are there to assist with complex scenarios and deals. And you’ll often find our specialist and boutique lender panel partners can provide creative leasing and loan solutions you would never have considered before. We never forget that your customer is at the heart of everything and strive for a best-practice outcome and exemplary service every time.

  6. Commission payment management, with payments made daily.

    Reconciling your commissions is a time-consuming and thankless task. And when you discover a discrepancy or worse still, that you haven’t been paid at all, it can literally take more of your time than it’s worth to get it sorted. As a Connective Asset Finance broker, you get a user-friendly commission tracking system and a dedicated team of experts to follow up for you if something goes wrong. Upfront commissions are paid daily, which is great for your cash-flow situation.

  7. Professional development and specialised training to help you take advantage of every opportunity in our evolving market.

    The more knowledge, expertise and connections you have, the easier it is to make a profit. But how do you keep your knowledge up to date in our rapidly evolving industry? How do you know your expertise will still be relevant to tomorrow’s consumers? Where do you easily find new business connections?

    Our award-winning Learning and Development program and specialised training sessions are the answer. You’ll access relevant, professional educational opportunities that help you grow your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, stay up to date with the latest products and lenders, and build relationships with referral and lender partners important to your business success.

  8. Opportunities to create additional income streams by offering your clients more product choices.

    It costs less to sell more products to an existing customer than it does to find a new one. If you can offer them more product choices (home loans, insurance) they will have every reason to do business with your time and time again. They’ll also refer more customers. This allows you to develop multiple income streams – so if one area of business suffers a downturn, your business will continue to remain profitable.

  9. A professional advocate to protect your interests in the finance industry.

    Connective is a major player in Australia’s finance industry. We represent our brokers interests and work with the relevant authorities to ensure our industry – and your business – will remain viable into the future. Our focus is on helping our brokers ‘own tomorrow’. We embrace positive change and support our brokers to find the inherent opportunities that exist within it.
If you’d like to know more about how we could help you maximise your earning potential, contact Connective Asset Finance today.