Drive Increased Revenue this EOFY - Here's How

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As Australians rush for a mortgage with interest rates on the rise, there’s no shortage of work for brokers.

While EOFY may be the last thing on your mind, there are a few things you should do to end the year off right and set yourself up for continued success in FY23.

These include leveraging technology to take advantage of new business opportunities and optimising your CRM software to engage and communicate with clients and generate leads.

Leverage technology to find new revenue streams

Most customers are looking for a one-stop-shop for their finance needs. They want to work with someone they trust and have all their business handled under one roof.

Tech tools are enabling brokers to do just that – providing more value and better services to their customers, while protecting their businesses during periods of uncertainty.

Over the last year, the price of used cars in Australia continues to skyrocket due to the supply chain pressures plaguing carmakers, with used passenger car prices growing by 18 per cent in the first quarter of 2022. With this kind of demand, you would be remiss to ignore the many opportunities for business growth and customer retention in the asset finance space.

Connective makes it easy for brokers who are new to asset finance, or just short on time, to take advantage of these opportunities and generate new revenue streams with our Premium Car Search service and QuickAF, our asset finance processing platform.

Help your customers find their next car

We’ve partnered with Premium Car Search to support our members’ customers with finding the ideal vehicle to match their needs, so they don’t have to deal with car yards or salespeople. While they’re occupied finding their car, this frees up the broker to focus on processing the asset finance deal through our QuickAF platform.

QuickAF is a multi-lender quoting and application processing platform for asset finance deals, making it easy for our members to quickly find the right solution for their customers. QuickAF gives brokers access to 30+ lenders without needing to have a direct accreditation.

The platform provides brokers with the option to submit full applications themselves or ‘tick and flick’ referrals to our processing team. Our processing team will act on behalf of the broker’s business, providing excellent customer service as they guide the client through to settlement.

“It’s critical that brokers understand they don’t have to be experts in asset financing to deliver value to their clients; they’ve already got the necessary skills to have the conversations and assist in this area. Even if they’re extremely time-poor, the ‘tick and flick’ option makes it possible for them to still secure the asset finance deal,” said the Head of Connective Asset Finance Brent Starrenburg.

Keep your customers informed and engaged using your CRM

Why do things manually if they could be automated? Your CRM platform is the first place to start with eliminating time-consuming admin work. By automating tedious tasks and optimising workflows, you can focus on more important areas of your business— like fostering stronger client relationships and diversifying your revenue streams.

“By mining your existing client base, brokers can identify demand for broader financing and discover potential opportunities to grow revenue,” Brent said.

Dig into your CRM database to understand your clients’ financial needs and find opportunities for conversions. You can then segment your customers and create personalised email marketing campaigns in Connective’s Digital Marketing Hub. Our library of lead generation email templates will help you start conversations with clients about the full range of their credit needs.

Getting started with QuickAF is easy, you can request a demo with your BSM here. Or to find out how you can accelerate your business growth with Connective Asset Finance, contact our team.