Q&A with Naomi Adeyanju, our Connective Home Loans BDM in NSW


Naomi shares why Connective Home Loans stands out from other white label products and how she has helped brokers achieve successful outcomes.

Tell us about your experience with Connective and how you came to be a Connective Home Loans BDM?

I started at Connective in 2017 as a part-time employee in the membership team while studying my accounting degree. This really positioned me to understand a little bit about every department within Connective as part of my role was to explain what made Connective different from other aggregators on a departmental level and on a higher level. I knew that I wanted to continue to work with Connective post-graduation and was excited when a vacancy opened in the Connective Home Loans (CHL) team as a Business Associate. I worked as an Associate for almost two years and later assisted the state BDMs with their portfolio once they came on board. CHL has experienced exponential growth over the last two years so when a newly created NSW deskbound BDM position opened up, I felt it was only a natural progression for my development.

Tell us what makes Connective Home Loans different and stand out from other white label products from your point of view.

CHL stands out due to the multiple points of contact and help we offer. Whether it is me, the lender BDM, direct access to the Head of Connective Home Loans or our in-house Connective Home Loans Specialist, our brokers know that they have the full support of the entire department behind them.

Why should brokers consider Connective Home Loans for their clients?

White label offers a unique opportunity for a Connective broker to create their own brand that leads to their clients being stickier to them. With a wide range of products backed by different funders, there is most likely a solution within the CHL portfolio for every type of client.

Can you share an example of when a broker’s client had a positive outcome with CHL?

I had a conversation with a broker today who had lodged an application through CHL Select. The broker later found out down the line that there was some undisclosed credit impairment which made the application unsuitable for a prime product. We were able to update this application and submit the deal with our CHL Solutions product, which provides a wide range of solutions for out-of-the-box clients. With this turn of events, the broker was able to offer a great solution to their client under the same Connective brand.

How do you start building relationships with new brokers in your portfolio?

I am a deskbound BDM, so I have prioritized being in constant contact with my brokers which keeps me front of mind for them. This is generally in the form of a check-in call every 5-6 weeks, a weekly email containing new updates within CHL and attempting to be pro-active on the deals that come across my desk.

In your words, what is great customer service?

Great customer service to me is most importantly, listening attentively. A lot of miscommunication and further dilemmas, at least in my experience, can be avoided with listening to the client. Great customer service to me is also understanding and jumping in swiftly to troubleshoot any issues.

Tell us about a time when you had to go the extra mile for a broker, and it made a big difference to their business

I am lucky in that I have been with Connective long enough to have an understanding of the technical dilemmas that a broker might face during the application process. I am always more than happy to zoom or Teams brokers through lodging their first application with CHL (including the first application using the Apply Online platform). I find that the brokers who have needed assistance have appreciated me guiding them through this process and ensuring that all items are correct to ensure a speedy and smooth application process.

How do you approach challenging conversations? Can you give advice on how to manage it? 

I tend to approach challenging conversations with compassion, respect and understanding. Most of the challenging conversations I’ve had have required me to relay disappointing news to my brokers, which in turn falls back on them with their clients. The best way to mitigate this is to look for a solution and be quick in my response and forthcoming if the solution falls outside of the parameters of what CHL can offer.

How has Connective supported you during this difficult period?

Connective has been incredibly generous and supportive during this time. Although I’m a NSW BDM, I am actually based in Victoria so have been in lockdown for what seems like most of the year. They have offered continuous and regular group Employee Assistance Program sessions with different themes, Connective care days and most importantly, a supportive and connected community through buddy set-ups, bi-weekly quizzes, and end of month drinks. I think it is extremely important to feel part of a community in these hard times and the Connective community feels just as strong and present now as it did before COIVD-19.

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