Q&A with Don Lanci, our Connective Home Loans BDM in Victoria

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Don shares why his brokers feel confident using Connective Home Loans and how he thinks the industry will look post COVID-19.

How are you supporting your broker portfolio and those who are struggling with their business during this time?

I try to be there to listen to my brokers, offer support, give them insights on what I am hearing from other brokers and the broader market, and to let them know they are not alone. Before I got into the finance industry, I ran my own small business through the GFC so I know how hard it can be when the enquiries slow down or stop all together.

How does the broking industry look to you post COVID-19?

I think the industry will become stronger. The market share for brokers has risen during this period. The foot traffic in bank branches has fallen dramatically and I think people are really starting to understand the value of a mortgage broker.

What common questions are coming from your broker portfolio at the moment? How does Connective Home Loans provide support to address some of their concerns?

Due to the prolonged lockdown in Victoria, most of my questions have been around digital solutions such as ID requirements when brokers cannot meet clients face-to-face, signing of application and loan document signing. The great thing about Connective Home Loans is each of our four funders has put in place options to tackle these issues.

Why should brokers consider Connective Home Loans for their clients?

Having a full suite of products from the basic loan option, to full featured products with an offset, as well as a non-conforming option and a Commercial & SMSF offer means we can offer a solution to a lot of different clients. Coupled with the fact that it is branded Connective, brokers can feel confident when talking to their clients as an alternative to other lenders.

Can you share an example of broker who has experienced growth or a positive outcome due to Connective Home Loans?

I had one of my brokers who I had been discussing multiple scenarios with finally lodge their first deal with Connective Home Loans. Once they had that first deal under their belt, it gave them the confidence to bring up Connective Home Loans in conversations with their clients. Previously they stuck with the big 4 and a few smaller lenders. Realising that we had multiple options to choose from, as well as being easy to use and having great support, has meant that we are seeing a good amount of their business flowing through Connective Home Loans.

What made you decide to join Connective?

Having worked in broker distribution for a major lender I was exposed to Connective Brokers, who were always strong advocates of Connective. I also had the opportunity to meet Glenn (Connective’s CEO) and hear him speak about how Connective started and the journey and growth of the business over the years. When the opportunity came up to join the business I jumped at the chance.

Tell us what you love most about your job.

Being able to connect and build relationships with my brokers, helping them to help their clients. Knowing that at the end of all this the brokers client has realised their dream. Whether it is their first home, an investment property or just getting a better deal.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Count down the days until I can leave the house. Haha. I am a keen golfer and the fact that the days are getting longer and warmer as well as easing of the restrictions here in Victoria means I will be able to get out onto the course regularly again. Also being able to spend time with my wife and daughter.