Meet Wendy Sampson, our Broker Support Manager in NSW

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Wendy Sampson, our Business Support Manager in NSW, shares her experience working as a BDM at major banks prior to joining Connective.

How do you think your job will change post COVID-19?

I think that during COVID-19, we have all become a lot better at digital technology and realise that there is a place for that in the future. I can see my job still utilising this technology as well as some face-to-face visits.

How does the broking industry look to you post COVID-19?

I think during COVID-19 the broker industry has changed to accommodate it. More lenders are accepting IDs being checked via video or other digital means, that's just one example. I believe things will just keep improving in the broker industry and these positive changes during this time will remain to make it easier for brokers to conduct their business.

What do you see as the biggest challenges the broking industry is facing now? Is there anything you’re doing to try overcoming them?

There has been a lot of change in the broker industry over the last couple of years. COVID-19 was just an unexpected one. Brokers are a very resilient lot and seem to find a way to keep up with the changes and work with them. I find it very important to work together with my brokers to assist them if they are struggling implementing these changes into their business..

When did you start working at Connective? What industry did you come from before joining Connective?

I started working for Connective in February 2018. I have had over 20 years’ experience in the broker segment. I have been a commercial lender BDM, a residential lender BDM and an insurance BDM. I have done these roles at major banks, 2nd tier lenders and non-conforming lenders. Prior to moving into the broking segment, I ran both residential and commercial portfolios for a major bank. These roles have given me great knowledge of all facets of lending and helps me assist my brokers better.

What made you decide to join Connective?

In my previous roles, I always asked brokers a lot of questions around their business so I could get to know them better which also assisted me to see how I could help them best. One question I always asked is why they chose the aggregator they were with. The Connective brokers were always the most positive. I also worked closely with the NSW Connective team in my prior role. These things made it a perfect fit for me.

What value do you think an aggregator brings to brokers?

Connective offers stability, training, assistance in numerous areas and compliance help. It provides brokers with people to assist in all aspects of their business. The brokers also have the backing of the aggregator when they need assistance with lenders, whether that be with a problem with a deal or commission issues. Connective assists them automate their business workflows which gives them consistency in their processes and streamlines their business.

Tell us about a time when you had to go the extra mile for a client, and it made a big difference to their business

I think even the small things can make a big difference to my brokers’ businesses—being there to listen, to train them to be using systems effectively, marketing their business correctly and working on diversifying it. Generally, just supporting them in all aspects of their business.

I think when COVID-19 first hit, this was more relevant than ever. I had brokers who had been hit with lots of clients needing help to put home loans on hold due to businesses having to shut down or loss of wages. At that time, I assisted some of them hit hardest with doing some marketing for them to their database advising that they were here to help them and still open for business.

Tell us what makes Connective different and stand out from other aggregators from your point of view. Why should brokers join Connective?

Connective is always looking to improve and to be the best. We respect our brokers and give them ways to make doing business easier. For example, the new Mercury Nexus system which streamlines the process, Digital Marketing Hub to assist them with Marketing their business and our Asset Finance platform which allows them to get accreditations with funders they normally would not get and helps with diversity. We also have some great commercial and insurance offerings to assist with further diversification.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my husband, friends, god-daughter and fur babies. Whether that be over a nice lunch or a stroll in the park or by the beach, it doesn’t matter. Just getting some quality time together is important.

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