Top 4 Mercury time saving tips

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The broker industry is always changing, so to help you stay ahead of the curve and maximise your time each day, we have introduced new features in Mercury to help you work smarter and achieve your goals faster.

Our time-saving features make it easier to automate and simplify your day-to-day business processes and tasks by reducing your administrative workload. It will also make it easier for your clients to do business with you.

Here are our top four time saving features to help your business thrive.

Client Centre

The Client Centre has been created to allow you to collect and manage client information efficiently via a secure portal where they can provide you with their personal, loan and financial information, upload documents, as well as answer questionnaires.. It also enables you to send documents directly to your client to view or download. The Client Centre enables all this to happen from one location, within the Mercury CRM, which is updated in in real-time.

The Client Centre is secured using two-factor authentication so you can ensure your clients information is protected.


Auto-actions, which are the automation and processes in Mercury, have been created to help you ensure that certain actions and tasks, occur in a timely way for each new prospect or customer. They save you time, ensure a coherent and smooth service delivery and help you to make certain nothing is ever missed in your processes. You have the ability to set up and edit your Auto Actions to suit your business, you aren’t locked in to set automations.

Best interests duty assurance

The easy-to-use compliance functionality makes notetaking and documenting quick and simple so you can easily demonstrate that you’ve met best interests duty obligations. The workflow has been designed to guide you through the steps required to meet your obligations. You also have the flexibility to adapt your existing processes around the functionality and all documents will be stored and can easily be retrieved for your convenience.

If there’s ever a complaint or an audit, you can easily demonstrate you have adhered to best interests duty regulations with the ability to easily locate and access records of customer interactions as evidence.


Questionnaires are designed to cover off questions that you should be asking your clients with every loan and to also allow you to provide information that your clients should have about every loan. Mercury enables you to apply conditional logic to your questionnaires so that only questions relevant to you clients’ situation will be displayed. They're quicker and easier for your clients to complete and return to you.

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