Broker demand for lender driven content climbs higher

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Connective launches second Digital Lender Splendour event to connect key industry groups.

The current economic stimulus has created one of the most unpredictable lending environments of our time, and the demand from mortgage and asset brokers for more information and education from lenders has exploded, according to Connective, Australia’s largest aggregator.

In response to the COVID pandemic, Connective moved its entire Learning and Development program into a digital environment and replaced all physical events with digital activities earlier this year. In response, Connective has seen attendance for this year’s digital L&D program skyrocket to four times the previous year.

The demand from brokers for more updates, more access to lenders and more resources to protect their business has driven Connective to deliver its second Digital Lender Splendour for 2020 and to prepare to deliver its most ambitious L&D program in 2021.

The Lender Splendour event is a week of real-time lender updates, news, and resources, held from Monday 26 – Thursday 29 October.

Following the enormous success of this event in April, where more than 4,700 brokers attended the week of digital activity, this event already has over 2,600 mortgage brokers signed up and 44 key lenders will be participating in the event, showcasing streamlined ways of connecting brokers to essential services for the current working environment.

Connective Director Mark Haron said that in 24 years he has never seen such a strong broker appetite for education. Broker demand continues to grow for easier and more-timely communication between brokers and lenders.

“In response, we’ve put our energy into not only moving all our key learning programs, information updates and development events into a digital format, but we’ve also aimed to tailor content as much as possible to the latest developments in the industry and the feedback from brokers has been inspiring,” Mr Haron said.

“The smooth and efficient flow of information between lenders and brokers is more critical than ever, which is why we’re providing opportunities for our lender partners to connect with our brokers in a digital environment to provide their latest information on products and policies, and news on tools and resources to support brokers and their clients.

“The flow of credit is going to be one of the most significant factors in Australia’s economic recovery, and we intend to work tirelessly to make sure brokers have the education and resources they need to help facilitate that flow of credit. Most of the industry agrees that brokers will play a major part in helping the housing market recover.

“Our Digital Lender Splendour event in April was such a success that we’re bringing it back in October. But we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re updating and adapting our L&D programs as quickly as we can and the digital format provides more agility for us to pivot if we need to, to bring the absolute most up-to-date insights and updates to our brokers.

“We’ve been able to deliver over 75 hours of additional, lender focused content with an emphasis on opening up more lines of communication between lenders and brokers. We have several avenues now for brokers to speak directly with lender BDMs and get the lender specific information and guidance directly from the source which they can immediately share with borrowers.”

“We’ve got over 125 hours of on-demand content available and are providing regular state of the industry updates to brokers to make sure they are across all the latest developments. We are also tailoring educational content to any significant announcements in real-time, so members get those critical updates in real time with guidance on how to educate and support their customers,” Mr Haron said.

Connective has hosted over 140 digital educational events delivered nationally across eight educational webinar series to respond to spectacular demand from the industry, and mortgage and finance brokers have responded with over 17,900 total attendees in online education events collectively from January to August this year.

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