A fast way to assess clients’ loan eligibility


One of the most time-consuming aspects of your job is trying to keep up with lenders’ ever-changing policies and processes.

At Firstmac, we realise that your time is valuable and is better spent meeting and developing long-lasting relationships with clients and finding solutions to their needs.

Aspart of our commitment to you, we have designed a tailor-made tool designed to get you the answers you need at the tap of a finger.

What is Firstmac’s Broker Tools app and how does it help brokers?

The Broker Tools app is an easy-to-use one-stop-shop that allows you to assess and manage their clients from their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

In practical terms, this means you can sit in a cafe with a client and get an answer on whether Firstmac can service their residential, SMSF or car loan in just a few minutes using our integrated serviceability calculators.

You can also view our entire product suite and highly-competitive rates.

After you have completed a servicing calculation in Broker Tools, you’ll receive an instant email with a summary of the results.

This is great for your own records, or you can email it to your BDM who will answer any of your questions and help you workshop it for your customer’s needs. Quick, easy, instant— the way lending should be.

A tech tool to help brokers retain their clients once the deal is done

Firstmac also realises the importance of nurturing clients post-settlement using simple, easy-to-use tech tools. With our Firstmac Money app, which clients can access using their smartphone, tablet or desktop, they can manage all their account needs online. A happy client post-settlement is just as important as a brand new client.

So if you want to free up your time and find competitive solutions for your clients, call your Firstmac BDM today.

We can also help you get accredited if you’re not already. Visit our website, fill in a few fields and you’re done.

It’s a 100% electronic-based process that will have you accredited in no time.