Referral program

Help us find more brokers like you

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Refer a friend to Connective and be rewarded with $500

We want more brokers like you at Connective. If you know someone who would benefit from partnering with Connective, you can refer them to us, and receive $500 for each broker who joins us as a result of your recommendation.

Accessing your reward is easy

  • Refer a broker who is not already a Connective member

    Get in touch with your Broker Support Manager or Business Development Manager and provide them the contact details of the broker you're referring.

  • Give us some time to make contact

    We'll get in touch with the broker you've referred to us and have a chat about their requirements. This may take a little time as we want to make sure Connective is the right fit for them.

  • You'll receive $500 after they join

    When someone joins Connective as a result of your referral, we'll send you a $500 eGift card to say thank you.

Connective referral program FAQs

Do I have to be a Connective member to receive the referral award?

Yes, the referrer must be a Connective broker to receive the reward. However, you don’t need to be the owner of the company—anyone who works for a brokerage under Connective is welcome to refer a broker to us to receive the reward.

Do I need to be an ACL holder to refer a broker?

No, anyone who is a Connective member can refer a broker regardless of the type of licence you are working under. Both ACL holders and Credit Representatives can refer a broker to us.

Who can I refer?

You can only refer mortgage brokers and asset finance brokers who are eligible to work in Australia. These brokers will need to have a Cert IV or Diploma in Finance. If they have been in the industry for less than two years, they will also need to have a mentor.

How many brokers can I refer?

You can refer an unlimited number of brokers, and we encourage you to share with as many colleagues as you like!

Does the reward change based on the number of referrals?

No, regardless of the number of referrals, the same reward applies. $500 eGift card for every successful referral.

What is a successful referral?

Successful referral means the broker you refer to Connective goes on to join Connective as a full member, with their own company. If a referred broker joins Connective as a loan writer under a brokerage that is already with Connective, this wouldn’t be considered a successful referral.

How long is the referral valid for?

A referral is active for 12 months from the date you provide details to us to refer a broker. If the referred broker joins Connective within 12 months of you providing us their details, you will be rewarded—provided you are still a Connective member.

Once I provide a referral, when will I receive my reward?

You will be rewarded once your referred broker becomes a member of Connective. Your referred broker will receive their first invoice from us on the 1st of the month, and you will receive your reward in that same month.

How do I receive my reward?

Your $500 eGift card reward will be sent via email.

Do you tell my colleague that I referred them? Do you tell them that I get paid if they join?

We will send your colleague an email advising them you have referred them. We won’t notify them you will get rewarded but they will have access to the referral program as you have once they join.

What happens if I refer someone and they don't join?

Your local State Managers and Business Development Managers will make contact with all referred brokers. If they are not interested in joining Connective at this time, we will send you a follow up email advising of their decision. If they change their mind within 12 months, you will still be rewarded.

Is my reward taxable income?

Any money reward may need to be declared for tax purposes, but we recommend you consult your tax adviser.

What if they join and then leave a few months later?

No worries, you will still receive your reward the same month your referred broker gets their first Connective invoice, regardless of how long they are Connective members. It’s our job to keep them happy and supported, not yours!

Do you update me on the status of their membership?

We will be updating you regularly about the status of your referral. We will advise you if your referral successfully becomes a Connective member and we will also let you know if it’s decided it’s not the right time for them to join Connective. Once they are a member, we will no longer provide updates on their status with us.

What if I refer one person and they bring their whole team across?

When you refer a broker to Connective, they need to join as a full member regardless of the number of loan writers joining with them. You will be rewarded $500 for a full member agreement, based on the company, not the number of brokers in that company.

If the person I refer refers someone else, who gets the money?

You will get rewarded for every broker you referred who joins Connective as a full member. If this broker refers someone else, they will receive the referral reward, not you.

I'm a lender BDM and I would like to refer a broker to Connective. Can I?

Whilst you must be a Connective member to receive the reward, we welcome referrals from our lender partners.

A new broker joined my group. Can I claim this as a referral?

No, the referred broker must not be a member of a brokerage that is already with Connective.

Ready to refer a broker?

Contact your BSM or BDM to refer a broker to Connective, and we'll let you know if they decide to join Connective.