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All of your client's statements in seconds

Save time, reduce friction and make life easier for your clients with Credit Ready by CashDeck. This expense analysis tool allows your clients to easily and securely provide their bank statements and expenses so you can focus on things that matter to your business.

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Automatic expense analysis

As well as retrieving the bank statements you need, Credit Ready will also gather up to 12 months of transaction data from all your client’s accounts and provide you with a detailed analysis across all key spending categories.

You’ll receive a list of transactions, a table of spend by category, an income vs expense analysis by month, and a series of charts, all of which you can export to Excel.

Why use Credit Ready?

  • Retrieve bank statements in 30 seconds

  • Save three days per loan application

  • Reduce the workload for your clients

  • Connect to 150 financial institutions

  • Easy to use—no need to download software

  • Branded to keep your business at the centre of the process

How Credit Ready works

  • Step 1

    Invite your client to provide their statements using the Credit Ready integration in Mercury.

  • Step 2

    The system will then send them an email and SMS to begin the process on their desktop or device and guide them on how to securely connect to their bank accounts.

  • Step 3

    Seconds later, you’ll receive 6-12 months’ worth of statements for each account. You'll receive a full transaction listing for each account, so that all recent transactions not listed on the statement will be covered.

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Safe and secure

Credit Ready uses the highest levels of security and bank level encryption. Your clients’ credentials will be permanently deleted as soon as you download their statements.

Get started with Credit Ready in Mercury

Access Credit Ready in Mercury and save hours on each loan you write. You'll find all the documentation you need to get started in Mercury. Not a Connective member yet? Join today and start offering Credit Ready to your clients.