This page sets out the terms and conditions for the use by Connective members of the Connective Digital Marketing Hub, delivered by the ActiveCampaign marketing platform.

Service Description

Connective members can sign up to the Digital Marketing Hub via two plans: LiteTouch or Premium. Please see our website here to see what is included in each of these plans. The services provided in respect of each plan are provided by ActiveCampaign through Connective. All new plans are set up on the ActiveCampaign Plus Plan unless otherwise selected by the broker.

Connective makes no guarantee for ActiveCampaign’s redundancy or downtime.

Service Costs

The Connective Digital Marketing Hub is a monthly subscription service. Fees are paid per partner group, and are determined based on:

  1. the plan you choose
  2. the number of active contacts you have in Mercury that can be synced to ActiveCampaign. Active contact is defined as a contact in Mercury that meets all these criteria:
    1. They exist in Mercury
    2. They have a valid email, that is not marked as bounced
    3. They are subscribed which means the “No Email Marketing” is unticked in Mercury
    4. That contact has been allocated to one of the categories you have available as part of your plan or DMH (which stands for Digital Marketing Hub) is checked.
  3. any additional services you would like to use via ActiveCampaign.

As with your Connective membership monthly fee, Connective Digital Marketing Hub payments are invoiced on the first of each month and included in your current invoice. Payment for My Marketing will be taken via the means you are currently paying your monthly fee, for example Direct Debit via Paysmart.

As the Connective Digital Marketing Hub is platformed by a third party, ActiveCampaign, which is based in the US: In the event that the AUD to USD exchange rate (based on the buy rate available to Connective at any point in time) is less than or equal to 0.60 US dollars, Connective may, in its sole discretion, amend the monthly fees set out above.

Privacy and contact considerations

By subscribing, you:

  • Agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to applicable privacy, anti-spam and data security laws, when using the Services. This includes but is not limited to ensuring all unsubscribe requests are appropriately managed and private data is securely managed;
  • Consent to Connective sharing your data stored in Mercury solely for the purposes of facilitating the Digital Marketing Hub Service
  • Agree to manage all of your contact data in Mercury. Contacts cannot be edited, added or deleted from ActiveCampaign. In the event that this occurs, Connective takes no responsibility for impacts caused to the sync.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All products provided are the copyright property of Connective.

We do not issue refunds after the product is distributed.

The Service is provided under the terms and conditions of the Connective Full Member agreement.

Subscribers may change between plans by providing Connective 30 days written notice. The new plan will commence on the first business day of the month following the 30-day notice period.

Connective may terminate your Marketing Hub service in the following circumstances:

  1. by giving you at least 30 days prior written notice
  2. immediately if you become insolvent, bankrupt or such other equivalent event occurs, or
  3. immediately if you cease to be a member of Connective.

You may terminate your Marketing Hub service in the following circumstances:

  1. by giving us at least 30 days prior written notice. In doing so, you acknowledge that on termination of your service, you may be liable for any additional fees or charges payable to ActiveCampaign Connective that may suffer as a result of such termination.

Other applicable terms and conditions

By subscribing, you:

  • acknowledge and agree that your access and use of the Connective Digital Marketing Hub Service is subject to ActiveCampaign’s Acceptable Use Policy, which is set out at Active Campaign. By subscribing to the Service, you acknowledge and have read and understood and agreed to these terms and conditions;
  • acknowledge and agree that Connective is not responsible for any loss or liability you or your directors, employees, associates, contractors or customers may suffer as a result of using this Service; and
  • indemnify Connective, its directors, employees, contractors or related entities for any loss or liability they may suffer as a result of CFM’s use of the Services.