Business Growth Webinar - Marketing your business for success

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What makes up the key components of a marketing plan? How do you identify your target audience? How do you define your offer? And what are the best channels to deliver your message?

We asked Patrick O’Doherty, Managing Director at Yarra Web, to share his knowledge, recommendations and guidelines on how to market your business for success based on your target audience and offer.

This webinar covers:
- Defining your offer
- Identifying your target market
- Selecting the right communication channels
- Setting clear objectives
- Measuring effectiveness

Download the worksheet below to start developing your marketing plan.


Developing your niche – Use this worksheet as a resource to find your niche, create customer profiles, define an elevator pitch, develop your target demographics and create a short ad script - Download

Presentation slides - Patrick's presentation slides had some really useful information and guidelines. If you would like to use these as a resource you can download the presentation slides here - Download

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