Business Growth Webinar - Being 2020 compliance ready

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What are the current compliance obligations? How do you use compliance to drive your business growth? And what should be included in your notes to make compliance a breeze?

We asked our Compliance Support Managers Keisha Weller and Erminia D’Oca and our Assurance & Analytics Manager Duncan Stuart to share their knowledge, recommendations and guidelines to keep you up to date in the changing regulatory environment. Listen to the webinar below to hear what advice they had to share.


Best Practice Guide: A guide to asking the right interview questions to help you drive good customer outcomes - Download.

Client File Checklist: A handy checklist for each of your customer files to assist you in meeting your Responsible Lending Obligations - Download.

Household Living Expense Assessment: This eBook is focused on helping you achieve a best practice outcome for your customers, every time. By asking the right questions you'll be able to assist your customers in gaining a deeper understanding of their expenses - Download.

Responsible Lending Compliance Requirements: This process flow document provides a step by step guide to show you how to meet your compliance obligations throughout the end to end Home loan process - Download.

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