5 tips to bring your A-game

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At our February Professional Development Day, brokers were inspired to ‘bring their A Game’ by high-performance mind coach Emma Murray.

Emma was the ‘secret weapon’ behind the recent AFL Grand Final win that broke the Richmond Football Club’s 37-year victory drought. Read these 5 tips to find out how you can bring your A-Game and win your own Grand Final in life and business.

#1. Take control of your focus.

Use your mental ‘flashlight’ to focus on the one thing in front of you.

#2. Learn to move your flashlight.

Move your flashlight away from the ‘danger’ – your weaknesses – toward what you have to offer – your strengths. In other words, stop the negative talk inside your head. You can do this in two ways:

Shift your physical

  • Motion changes emotion. Changing your physical state will change your mental state.
  • Adjust your posture and your awareness.
  • Take control. You can take control of the way you respond to stress.

Shift your focus

  • Move your flashlight. Focus on your strengths.
  • Stop the negative talk.

#3. Bring your A-Game – the assets under your control.

Your A-Game is when you maximise your key strengths and the behaviours under your control to perform at your best. Once you identify your key strengths and behavioural assets, they become even stronger. No one can take your A-Game away from you!

#4. Get out of your B-Game – all other stuff you can’t control.

If you are constantly worried and distracted by the things you can’t control, your performance will always be sub-par. If your flashlight is focused on your B-Game, your A-Game won’t get a look-in. You’ll know you’re in your B-Game if you’re constantly asking yourself questions like “how am I doing?”

#5. The secret to your best performance.

Everyone worries from time-to-time and we can all be easily distracted by self-doubt. Your goal is to move away from your B-Game into your A-Game as quickly as possible and stay there for as long as you can – that’s the secret to your best performance!

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