5 tips for brokers to generate leads

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    Create a unique value proposition

    You want your ideal client to see you as the superior choice over banks and brokers with name recognition. Your CVP should offer specific benefits that will appeal to your defined target market.

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    Provide strong proof elements

    Lead generation is about establishing trust – which is why proof points are so important. You can use elements such as awards, client testimonials and online reviews to vouch for your services.

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    Offer a lead magnet

    Potential clients will be more likely to provide their contact information if they are receiving something of value in return. In exchange for their email address, you could offer a free resource such as a toolkit, report, fact sheet or webinar.

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    Optimise your SEO

    Search engine optimisation is a vital tool for driving traffic to your website or blog posts. Think of specific terms that potential clients are likely to search for, then try to tailor your content around these keywords

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    Have a powerful call to action

    Each piece of marketing and communications, whether a newsletter, blog post, or webpage, should end with a call to action that clearly states what you want your potential client to do next.

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