Q&A with Adam Bradley, Emerge Finance on his experience with Credit Ready by CashDeck

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Credit Ready by CashDeck helps save time and ensures full transparency with clients by providing an easy way for them to provide you bank statements and transaction data. This service makes the loan application process quicker and improves client satisfaction.

We recently spoke with Connective broker Adam Bradley from Emerge Finance to find out his experience with Credit Ready and how he’s implemented the service into his business to create efficiencies.

What made you decide to use Credit Ready?

After talking to other brokers who use it, I registered for a free trial and was satisfied with the experience and service it provided me and my clients.

How does Credit Ready help with your day-to-day workflow?

Using Credit Ready saves us a lot of time. Before we used the service, we would email clients and try to be specific with bank statement and transaction data required, and it would take 10 times as long. This saves all the backwards and forwards.

We now request all our clients to use it. One, for security, I like the fact it's a direct feed from the banks. Two, it's obviously more efficient. And three, we know we've already got six months of statements from the incoming lender, whereas if we download everything ourselves, my assistants always have to manually check and confirm we have the correct timeframe of transaction data captured.

How does Credit Ready help make your clients' lives easier?

In terms of making clients’ lives easier, it’s amazing. Before, the process took clients 2-3 hours to upload their documents. Now the full process takes about 20 minutes.

Credit Ready also allows us to invite multiple loan applicants at the same time and automatically merge their banking data. When managing multiple applicants on one loan, Credit Ready especially makes it so much easier.

Have you needed to access the Credit Ready Help Desk for any issues? If so, how did that go?

Yes, we have for little bits and pieces. The team have also got straight back to us right away and resolved any issues which is great.

What would you say is the most useful thing about Credit Ready?

  • The security of having direct feeds from the bank.
  • The service helps us meet our compliance obligations by using Bank Statement Technology when requesting bank statements from our clients.
  • Credit Ready makes the process of getting client bank statements easier and faster. It’s also much faster for our clients.

Has security been an issue? If so, how was it resolved?

One client didn’t want to use it, and it took 18 emails to get it right – there’s a time cost on both sides, and clients can get impatient. Other than that, from a security aspect, going straight into our portal is great, so they’re not emailing things backwards and forwards. Adam is quite a common name and we’ve had cases where people have emailed the wrong “Adam” all their bank statements.

Concluding comments

I love it, it's such a time saver. It doesn't make any sense to not use it now. You guys are always improving, which is great!

Speak to your Broker Support Manager to find out more about Credit Ready by CashDeck or click here to get started.

An important note from Connective Compliance:

From 9 September 2019, it is mandatory that Connective’s Credit Representatives use Bank Statement Technology when requesting bank statements from their clients. Learn more here.