Marketing a home loan health check

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Offering your customers and prospects a home loan health check is a great way to get the phone ringing and generate some new business.

Communicating your availability to assist your customers will keep you top-of-mind – and even if they don’t require assistance right now, it will remind them to refer you to friends, family, and colleagues.

Now is a great time of year to make your home loan health check offer. The property market traditionally picks up and people are ready to get back to business. But what’s the best way to go about marketing a home loan health check? Here are a few suggestions, along with some handy tips about getting it right.

Send out a marketing campaign via Mercury.

Email campaigns are a cost-effective way to re-engage with your customers and potential leads in your database.

The top differentiators for email marketing are great content, clear messaging and engaging graphics. It’s also important to get in touch at the right time – when the property market is at its most active and you know that your customers will be engaging.

Access our email marketing template that you can send out quickly via Mercury or Digital Marketing Hub (DMH).

You will also find Connective Home Loans’ templates that you can use as well in Mercury and DMH.

How to access and send email templates from Mercury
How to access and send email templates from Digital Marketing Hub

Hints & compliance tips

If you have a large database, it's a good idea to divide your emails into smaller batches so you and your staff don’t get swamped by everyone calling back at once. Depending on the size of your database, you can plan your marketing emails over a couple of weeks and assign staff to help with the responses.

To be effective, consider targeting your first few batches to the customers who are most likely to need a home loan health check. For example, perhaps you could start with those who have had a home loan for three years or more. You can easily create your own targeting lists by assigning your customers to different categories in Mercury.

Try a telephone marketing campaign.

Calling your customer is a very personalised way of reaching out to them and is therefore very effective. You may like to follow up your email marketing campaign with a telephone call to the hottest prospects in your database, or simply call them direct.

Hints & compliance tips

To remain compliant when making your telemarketing calls, always remember the Privacy Act sets limits on calling customers at certain times. The best option is to plan your call schedule for weekdays between 9am and 8pm

If you are short on time, you could consider outsourcing to a telemarketing company. However, your telemarketing campaign is likely to be more effective if you or someone from your company makes the call, as Australians are notorious for their dislike of calls from telemarketers. If you do choose to outsource the task, check out this article from the Compliance Team about reducing the risks and remaining compliant.

Cold calling potential customers who are not already in your database is generally not recommended. If not done well, it could possibly damage your reputation and there are very strict rules governing this practice. However, sometimes brokers do purchase marketing lists and these may require a cold call. To find out more, read this article from the Compliance Team regarding the rules and laws surrounding cold calling.

Talk to your Broker Support Manager for more assistance.

If you need assistance with your marketing efforts, your local Broker Support Manager is always your first port of call. They can assist with targeting your campaigns and provide training for you and your staff on how to use Mercury or DMH to do it efficiently and cost-effectively.