Boost productivity and compliance with the right tech tools

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If you could automate a third of your current business activities, how would that transform your business?

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report on how technology is influencing the future of work, six out of 10 occupations could indeed automate 30% of their tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources.

While most workplaces in Australia aren’t set up for that yet, finding and incorporating the right tech tools into your daily operations could make a big difference to your bottom line.

Technology streamlines time-consuming tasks, helps you manage your compliance obligations, and facilitates more convenient communication with clients, so you can focus on strengthening relationships and growing your business.

Are you making the most of the tech tools available? Read on to find out.

Leverage your CRM’s time-saving features to work smarter, not harder

Your CRM platform is the most important tool they’ll ever use, next to your smartphone. Your data holds the key to future business growth. So take the time to get to know its features and how it works now, so you can optimise and customise your workflows to save time later. A CRM is bespoke to your business, so make it work for your processes and practices.

For example, Connective’s business platform, Mercury, has a Compliance Centre with embedded workflow checklists to ensure brokers are meeting their compliance and BID obligations and providing evidence of their work. This feature allows you to easily capture notes and evidence and populates automatically with data from their CRM.

You can also create automated and pre-populated email templates, marketing campaigns and SMS notifications to keep clients informed and engaged throughout the loan process and post-settlement. And by leveraging Mercury’s data-driven insights, they can identify and prioritise leads that will likely convert.

By learning how to use your CRM to its full capacity, you can automate tasks, find operational efficiencies, improve communication with clients, and discover opportunities for growth.

Tech tools that simplify and streamline your core compliance tasks

Managing and keeping track of the latest compliance obligations and requirements is one of the most time-consuming aspects of a your job. Tech is here to help.

In a recent Connective Business Growth Webinar, Connective Compliance Support Managers Justin Callins and Scott Anderson spoke about how some lenders have become more accepting of certain technologies, like video conferencing for the initial face-to-face meeting and virtual VOI tools, like MaxID, IDyou, ZipID, or through Mercury’s Client Centre portal, saving brokers and their customers time and hassle.

When it comes to the client fact find and Needs Analysis, Connective members can use the Client Centre in Mercury to collect and collate client information and supporting documents for a seamless customer experience. With industry-leading, two-factor authentication security, clients can submit their documents and information with confidence at their own pace. The information gets automatically imported into Mercury, reducing data entry and administrative work. You can customise welcome emails sent with Client Centre, Doc Centre and DocuSign and tailor the Client Centre to match their business processes.

When it comes to retrieving, verifying and analysing a customer’s living expenses, brokers can use digital tools like CashDeck— available to Connective brokers through Mercury—, or MOGOPLUS. These tools categorise expenses and income, making it easy for brokers to search, sort and verify the customer’s true cost of living and identify any anomalies in their spending habits, reducing the risk of application fraud.

Finally, with digital signing tools like DocuSign, DocCentre and Adobe, customers can submit their documents from anywhere. This is a great way to expedite the exchange of documents while keeping all parties informed throughout the signing process.

Invest in quality processes to get quality outcomes

Technology is transforming our industry and how we do business. Digital tools make administrative tasks more convenient for the customer, less time-consuming and complex for the broker, and more efficient for the lenders. It’s a win-win all around.

Brokers who invest in learning how to customise and leverage technology to suit their business practices will increase productivity and efficiency, and improve the service, support and outcomes they provide clients.

What changes can you make today to enhance your digital practices? Find out how Australia’s leading aggregator can help drive your business forward.