Mercury Nexus new feature – easily deliver and track customer documents

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Our latest feature in Mercury Nexus, Sending Disclosure Documents, is a built-in consent prompt that allows your customers to select how they receive important documents from you.

The new feature will be released on Monday 16 November.

The benefit for you and your customers

We’ve built this new feature to save you and your customers time, reduce emails and to make your customer interactions more seamless.

About the new feature

During the loan application process, you’re required to provide customers with mandatory disclosure documents such as a Credit Guide, Credit Proposal Disclosure and, at times, the Preliminary Assessment.

Traditionally you’ve been required to provide these documents physically or via email, but new electronic communications provisions allow you to provide these documents electronically, as long as you’ve gained consent which you can do via the Customer Centre.

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How the new feature works

If disclosure documents on your opportunity are enabled on the Customer Centre tab, when your customers access the Customer Centre for the first time, they are prompted to indicate how they would like to receive their documents. The prompt reads:

Your customer has two options to receive the documents:

(1) download
(2) receive via email

If the customer wants to receive their documents via email, it’s important you send them promptly and retain a copy of the email in the notes section of the opportunity. You also need to ensure the Summary of Requirements and Credit Proposal Disclosure is acknowledged and signed by your customer.

In summary, this new feature is a more efficient way of delivering and tracking your disclosure documents.


For more information on this new feature, Sending Disclosure Documents, click here.

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Stay tuned for more updates

We’re focussed on the continual improvement of Mercury Nexus to ensure you have access to the latest technology and support to run your business efficiently and effectively.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of new processes and features, and as always, we’re available to support you.

If you would like to learn about other features in Mercury Nexus visit the Connective Wiki or speak to your Broker Support Manager.