Mercury 5 update

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With Mercury 5 running in parallel to the old system for several months now, and more users switching over every week, it is closer and closer to becoming the primary interface for Mercury.

Recently, a lot of engineering has been directed at rectifying usability issues reported from the initial Beta release. This includes:

  • Speed – the new system is now at least as fast as Mercury 4.
  • Bugs – the number of bugs and permissions errors have been slashed. In Mercury 5, all interface errors are logged and attended to by the developers.
  • Timeout – the non-activity timeout period for Mercury 5 has been extended to 1 hour for the browser version and 4 hours for the desktop version. Further to that, if your session does time out, you have the option to enter your password and continue where you left off, rather than having to start again completely.
  • Font – with users initially reporting that the font could get a little hard on their eyes, the font is now an exact match for Mercury 4, but with the ability to use control+ to zoom in.

But these things alone wouldn’t give you a reason to switch to Mercury 5. So what else is new?

  • Task Management Updates: Inspired by other productivity software, task management is made easier with the ability to complete, reschedule or edit tasks from the dashboard, as well as day-by-day groups in the task list.
  • Type Ahead Search from the Dashboard: Search for any opportunity or person or view your Workspace from the dashboard (while retaining the ability to launch your recent opportunities).
  • Type Ahead Address Search: Similar to ApplyOnline, this allows you to just start typing and select the address from a list, rather than keying in 5-7 fields individually.
  • Customise opportunity and people lists: You can now select, re-order and resize columns, with your settings retained from one setting to the next. You can also group opportunities by any field, such as Lender, Loan Writer or Status.
  • Integrated Live Chat: As chat is now the preferred channel for around 40% of support requests, we have made this even easier with the ability to launch a chat session directly from Mercury.
  • Hide Product Search Option: When you are searching loan products, you can now hide all the search options (check boxes etc) to provide more room to display the products.

Mercury 5 is the future of Mercury, and the foundation of all new development. We’re excited about what’s in store!

Ben Cook, Head of Development

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