Insurance integration in Mercury 5

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Part of your responsibility as a provider of finance solutions is to help ensure that your clients are fully prepared for whatever the future may bring. This is why discussing insurance options with your client is part of your responsible lending obligations. This includes offering General Insurance as part of any residential loan you write and talking about loan, life and income protection insurance options as a part of your sales and compliance processes.

Our Mercury Development Team have made some great additions to your Mercury 5 platform to make it easier for you to recommend and offer insurance to your clients. The purpose of the integration is to make the process of offering your clients ALI and Allianz insurance products a quick and easy task, all in-built in Mercury. The launch of the Allianz and ALI integration is available exclusively to users of Mercury 5. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Australian Life Insurance (ALI) Mercury 5 Integration

ALI provides packaged insurance solutions that cater for circumstances including:

  • Critical illnesses (often called trauma or living benefits)
  • Death and terminal illness, and
  • Involuntary unemployment.

If you use Mercury 5 you will now find a button in your client opportunity that that says ‘Start Loan Protection Application’. By clicking this tile, a box will appear. You then simply complete the additional required fields and click send. This information is then sent to ALI to commence the quote process – easy!

ALI Pilot feedback

We have been piloting this integration over recent months. Over this time, and at the conclusion of the pilot, we’ve received great feedback from our participating brokers – with a 100% satisfaction rate!

  • 100% found it easy to start Loan Protection applications via Mercury
  • 100% would recommend using the integration to other brokers with ease of use being the core reason.

Allianz Insurance Mercury 5 Integration

Allianz offers additional, super easy, revenue streams for your business, including Home Building and Contents, Landlord and Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Our Allianz Mercury 5 integration lets you easily make an insurance referral for Allianz insurance. At the moment, we are piloting this integration, and we expect it to be available to all brokers in the coming weeks.

If you use Mercury 5, you will soon find a button in your client opportunity that that says ‘Allianz Referral’ (check out the umbrella icon!). You then simply choose the type of insurance you want to refer. Once you have clicked send on the form, this is sent to Allianz and your client will be contacted by Allianz to move things forward – done!

We’re really excited about these new integration opportunities because of the ease of use it will deliver to you, our members. For more information about the integration please contact your local Broker Support Manager.