Industry first collaboration delivers best of two worlds to brokers

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Connective and Melbourne Business School join forces to help brokers future-proof their businesses

The broking industry needs to look beyond its own ‘four walls’ to provide deeper and broader business skills, education, and tools to brokers that are essential for success in an unpredictable economic landscape, according to Connective, Australia’s largest mortgage aggregator.

In an industry-first collaboration of its kind, Connective and the Melbourne Business School (MBS) have teamed up to deliver a unique education and development opportunity for brokers with a seven-module virtual program, ‘Strategic Management in an Uncertain World’.

This program is different to anything the industry has seen before because it combines the best of the broking and business education worlds: it has been designed for brokers but is delivered by some of the country’s leading business educators, senior MBS faculty who bring extensive research and corporate experience to the table.

“This collaboration and program is an important development in education and professional development for brokers and particularly business leaders. Brokers that participate in education that teaches them skills to steer their businesses through periods of change and challenge will make those brokers the industry’s leaders in the future.,” said Mark Haron, Connective Executive Director

“Brokers have always worked in a fast-paced environment, but we’re going to be navigating the economic impact of COVID-19 for a long time and we believe brokers need tools and insights that go deeper than what’s been offered before, in order for them to stengthen their businesses.

“This program is unique. Connective’s partnership with Melbourne Business School is an industry first and the content has been developed for our brokers at this time of uncertainty. content. This is an opportunity to participate in a business success masterclass – what business operator doesn’t want that?” Mr Haron said.

Principal Fellow at the MBS, Sam Wylie, said, “We’ve partnered with Connective to deliver a program that not only provides insights into the forces disrupting broker channels, but also delivers the tools and knowledge for brokers to lead through change, to innovate and deliver sustainable success.”

“This program is the perfect balance of relevant and practical industry insights mixed with broader business models, trends, and proven tactics for success,” said Mr Wylie.

The ‘Strategic Management in an Uncertain World’ program is available exclusively to Connective members and participants will receive 21 CPD points on completion.

The seven modules will be brought to life through real-world cases and practical examples relevant to a broker’s world, with best practice leadership and strategy principles to future proof their business.

In addition to engaging with thought leaders and exchanging ideas with Australia’s leading business school experts, participants will also have the opportunity for significant interaction with their peers and partnering lenders; this will be a big part of what makes this learning experience unique.

The seven modules include:

  1. Understanding the impact of the COVID-19 crisis
  2. Disruptive strategy mortgage brokers – Part 1
  3. Disruptive strategy mortgage brokers – Part 2
  4. Marketing during COVID-19
  5. Resilient Leadership
  6. The psychology of change and leading in uncertainty
  7. Applying strategic foresight for an uncertain future

The program is the flagship series in Connective’s re-designed and recently launched digital Learning and Development Program. Participants can register for individual modules or all seven, the virtual nature of the program provides flexibility for participants to view live or when it suits their needs

The program is designed to ensure participants walk away with very practical outcomes, including:

  • Frameworks and language to discuss the impact of the Covid19 crisis on banks, mortgages, interest rates, inflation, and property prices.
  • Established concepts and frameworks in strategy and finance to help organise thinking and take action.
  • Approaches to marketing, including the most urgent marketing challenges that have emerged from COIVD-19, and what brokers can do to drive demand in the near term and in the longer term.
  • Strategies to respond to difficult events, constructively handle setbacks and how to adopt a learning mindset to grow in the face of adversity.
  • An understanding of the psychology of change and how to develop strategies and tools to respond to each stage.
  • Leadership and decision-making styles that are appropriate for complex and chaotic environments and how to become more comfortable working in uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Perspectives and tools that build resilience and future hope, including skills to plan for multiple futures, all of which are critical in the face of change.