Connective strengthens member-centric approach and smarter technology for brokers

GT and Jon Meadows

Delivering on long-term commitments to strengthen connections with brokers and deliver smarter technology, Connective has elevated Gingkai Tan to Chief Customer Officer and Jonathan Meadows to Chief Information Officer.

With more than a decade of experience at Connective, the pair have already improved the ability for brokers to connect and provide feedback to the aggregator, and are focused on delivering the support, tools, and products brokers need to succeed.

As a strategic and innovative business leader, Gingkai has a proven ability to achieve business growth and create motivated and high-performance cultures. In the updated role of Chief Customer Officer, Gingkai says brokers will see even more opportunity to provide input and feedback to Connective.

“We’ve always had a member-first approach to everything we do. We’re now sharpening our ability to listen even more which will enable us to deliver innovation based on member feedback.

“We’re implementing more ways for our brokers’ to share their point of view including: our ‘Always Listening’ platform that gathers broker sentiment in real time; enhancing the Connective Community, a closed online forum for our members; and adding more Broker Support Managers (BSMs) on the ground to engage with our members directly and more deeply.

“We’ve also worked hard to understand the broker life cycle and delivering services, insights, and support at every stage of a broker’s business to help them succeed. I’m very excited about continuing to evolve what we deliver to our members and working closely with Jon to innovate,” Gingkai said.

With over 20 years’ experience as a technology executive across a broad range of sectors, and after six years at Connective, Jonathan Meadows has been elevated to Chief Information Officer. Jonathan says making the broker-client experience frictionless with innovative technology is the foundation of his role and his team.

“We’re looking at technology in an even more strategic way than we ever have before. This will involve investing in more resources for brokers to achieve even greater outcomes for their clients.

“We’ll continue to enhance how our software platform, Mercury Nexus, supports brokers. We’re also further developing our client centre platform to have even more of a user-led focus to ensure the broker-client experience is frictionless. The less information brokers have to ask their clients for, the better.

“Increasing efficiency for brokers is paramount to allow them to focus on what’s most important to their business. Smart use of technology, through artificial intelligence and machine learning being embedded into process will enable brokers to reduce the amount of admin and manual inputting.

“Information security is also a continuing priority. We’ve implemented a broker security training platform to give brokers the tools they need to protect their business and to help them make security a day-to-day education to ensure their business is secure and they are up to date with compliance.

Both Gingkai and Jonathan’s roles will enable greater integration of how the aggregator engages with brokers, facilitating a continuous feedback loop to innovate and provide truly broker centric technology solutions to ultimately improve broker’s business.