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Connective re-builds lender programs in response to spiking demand, delivers market-first lender hub

The rate of change in lender products and policy due to the COVID-19 outbreak is challenging brokers to stay up to date, driving broker demand for new ways of sharing lender information and a sharp jump in registrations at Connective’s Digital Lender Splendour program last week.

The Digital Lender Splendour program, designed to connect mortgage and asset finance brokers directly with key lenders in Australia, saw major lenders such as CBA and ANZ among the 44 lender representatives in this year’s series. The program was completely re-developed in the wake of the pandemic into a format that is relevant in the current working environment and delivers the most up-to-date lender content to brokers.

The appetite for virtual face time with lenders is reflected in the participation numbers at the events, with a total cumulative attendance of 4168 brokers across 10 sessions.

Connective Director Mark Haron said that mortgage brokers play a critical role in communicating lender product and policy changes directly to end consumers, and that the lender-broker relationship is now more important than ever.

“Transparent and trusted relationships between lenders and brokers are essential to helping brokers understand exactly what products are best suited to their clients, but with so much rapid change it’s becoming nearly impossible to be across what all the lenders are doing.

“This is exactly why we’ve invested heavily in the recent Digital Lender Splendour program and all our lender focused events,” said Haron.

The Digital Lender Splendour program has kicked off a complete re-development of Connective’s L&D offering, providing additional support to brokers as they adapt to new working conditions. Interaction and engagement were the focus of the re-development and a new lender to member portal has been announced.

The program consisted of 10 live, interactive webinars and a further 10 pre-recorded webinars that can be viewed on-demand, together with additional digital resourced providing a range of information from the 44 participating lenders anytime. The program aimed to tailor content to address the challenges and demands of the current mortgage landscape in Australia and ensure there remains a genuine connection between lenders and Connective brokers, giving brokers a channel to access all relevant updates at once and when they need it.

“Digital Lender Splendour gave us an opportunity to bring brokers and lenders together to provide a full and comprehensive learning program driven alongside some of Australia’s most significant lenders. In the space of four days we were able to provide product updates from 44 of them,” said Haron.

“It gives us a lot of confidence to see both brokers and lenders adapt to this climate and we were extremely pleased to see such a significant turn out at our latest lender event.

“We’ve built a new lender to member portal to ensure we keep this momentum going and brokers can access lender information, real-time updates on policy and products, and additional lender resources whenever and wherever they need them” Mr Haron said.


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Connective members can view the on-demand webinars from the Lender Splendour program here:

Connective has released a new lender information library for members, which can be accessed here:

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