Three areas of focus for brokers in 2020

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Mark Haron, Executive Director Connective, discusses the three key areas of focus for brokers in 2020 and where they can look to for support.


The smart use of technology and harnessing data can help brokers tap into their existing and potential client base and target them with more timely, personalised and relevant communications.

“Brokers should focus on better leveraging technology to create efficiencies in all aspects of their job in the year ahead.” – Mark Haron

Similarly, growing compliance obligations can be lessened through technology by embedding processes into the broker’s day-to-day workflows.

Harnessing the right technologies in the right way is the new frontier for brokers seeking to turbo-charge efficiency and drive profitability.

Brokers can drive their success through utilising CRM functionality, and apps to make the borrowing process more efficient for them and their customer.

2. Learning and development

I’d encourage brokers to continue to focus on delivering the great outcomes for their clients." – Mark Haron

Connective have themed our 2020 Learning and Development program ‘Elevate and Inspire’ because we believe the year ahead will provide an opportunity for brokers to elevate themselves and their businesses and inspire each other to best serve their customers. If brokers embrace this mindset then 2020 should prove to be a prosperous year for them.

Connective's Professional Development Days and Business Growth Workshops are open to attend. See Connective’s full calendar of events HERE or our events in detail HERE.

3. Compliance

We’ve worked hard to ensure the best interests duty is workable for brokers and delivers good outcomes for borrowers. Brokers need to educate themselves and understand what will be required of them and how they will implement it into their processes and workflow to ensure they remain compliant.

“Brokers will need to focus more than ever on compliance in 2020.” – Mark Haron

Brokers need support not only from an educational point of view but also in more practical ways through the provision of digital solutions that embed compliance requirements into their day-to-day operations.

Brokers should look to their aggregator's Compliance and IT teams for a platform that provides them with a seamless approach to meeting their compliance obligations. This is an ongoing and evolving process, and it is important to keep up to date with changes.

Looking for success and support to achieve your goals in 2020? Reach out to a Connective Broker Support Manager today.