The 6 C’s of compliance

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As a mortgage and finance broker, you’ll be no stranger to the four C’s of credit – Collateral, Capacity, Character and Credit. But did you know there are also six C’s of Compliance? At Connective we like to keep things simple! Check out these great insights from our Compliance Team to help you ensure your customer service and compliance procedures meet industry best practice standards.

#1. Circumstances.

Providing top level service to your clients is an objective that neatly coincides with your responsible lending obligations. Read up on this great tip for understanding your client’s circumstances here.

#2. Calculation.

The calculators provided to Connective brokers in Mercury are intended for much more than just working out the borrowing capacity of your customer. This great tip will help you increase your success rate for getting deals across the line. Read more.

#3. Consideration & Choice.

Read on to discover our best-practice suggestions for providing suitable options for your clients. You’ll also find out how Mercury can be invaluable in meeting your responsible lending obligations here.

#4. Collect, check, cross-reference and confirm!

In this great tip, our Compliance Team tell why you should be diligent about verifying information. Find out what simple steps you can take to confirm their information is authentic here.

#5. Communication.

Effective communication is an essential part of your overall business health, but good communication and effective listening are also important components of your responsible lending obligations. Read more.

#6. Consent.

When verifying your customer’s information, their consent is essential if you are going to do a thorough job. Find out how you can easily get their consent and what other things you need to consider when it comes to privacy here.

Improve your compliance processes with Connective today.

The Connective Compliance Team are considered to be amongst the most qualified and professional risk and compliance management experts in Australia’s mortgage and finance broking industry. Click here to find out how Connective can help you improve and completely simplify the essential risk management and compliance processes in your business, just make a time to talk with a Connective Sales Manager today. If you’re already a Connective member, please click on the Help icon in Mercury to gain immediate access to the compliance support you need.