Tips to faster loan approvals powered by Wisr

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Providing a quick lending decision is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction. Follow these three tips to help Wisr make quick decisions and get great outcomes for your clients.

Use the tools on the Broker Portal to see if your scenario is right for Wisr

Wisr’s Broker Portal provides the tools to allow you to assess your client’s scenario and be confident your application meets our lending criteria. We strongly suggest you:

● Familiarise yourself with the Wisr Product and Services guide.

● Obtain a free Rate Estimate to quote the repayment amount and application fee for the loan term that suits your client.

● Check your scenario against Wisr’s Credit Policy Overview. Does it fit?

● Download and complete Wisr’s Servicing calculator. Does your client have the capacity to service a new Wisr loan? Upload the worksheet with your submission to support your application.

● Review the Supporting Documents checklist and upload with your submission to fast track your application.

Complete the application form correctly

It may sound obvious, but inconsistencies between application data and supporting documents are commonplace, leading to additional questions and inevitable delay. If you require any assistance with completing your loan submission, please contact your State BDM for help.

Common discrepancies are:

● missing additional expenses (health insurance, childcare which are evident in bank statements);

● missing liabilities (overdrafts, credit cards which are generally evident in bank statements and credit bureau reports); and

● abbreviated disclosure of the client’s Objectives and Requirements for the loan (use the text box to provide as much color as possible)

Supply digital supporting documents upfront.

Supply digital bank statements (illion or Credit Sense) and other supporting documents at the time of application to get your client’s application into the fast lane! It’s as simple as that.


Wisr is continually investing in people and processes to provide fast decision times while maintaining our high standards of compliance and credit quality.

For more information about Wisr, see the Wisr Product and Services overview filed on Mercury. For additional details or requests for accreditation please contact Wisr directly via email at