Let BOLT do the heavy lifting

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The lead up to the end of financial year is a great time to diversify your offer and help your clients find the right asset finance solutions. The recent increase in the government’s instant asset tax write-off to $150,000 means there is no better time to contact your clients about their asset finance needs. Find out how you can let BOLT do the heavy lifting for you with quick and easy processing for asset finance deals.

Diversify and complement your offer with BOLT

We understand how busy mortgage brokers are, supporting your clients with their home-loan needs. With more clients currently needing refinancing, information and support from their brokers, we understand that building and strengthening your alternative income streams in a simple quick format is now more important than ever.

BOLT is a super-user-friendly asset finance processing platform that helps you provide your clients car, private asset, small business and commercial loans, which will be in demand at this time of year.

Utilising BOLT to complement your offer and add-value for your clients is a simple way to add another income stream, if you haven’t done so already.

Help your customers beyond the home loan!

The BOLT processing platform is a great value-add that could help you engage more clients. All Connective brokers can use BOLT and don’t require additional asset finance accreditation to use the platform. You will see below, how simply and quickly you can assist your clients with further finance.

Learn more about BOLT

How does BOLT work?

It’s easy to get started, and there are options to choose how your want to process applications including:

Tick & Flick: Simply fill out your clients’ details in the BOLT platform and send through to our Processing Team to complete the process.

DIY via BOLT: Prepare a quote, select a suitable loan and submit the application yourself via BOLT in a matter of minutes.

A seamless experience

  • BOLT is fully integrated with Mercury, allowing data flow from Mercury to the BOLT application form, as well as providing status updates in real time.
  • Enjoy a completely paperless application and approval process including an electronic privacy form.
  • You have direct access to the Scenarios Team via the ‘scenario’ button, simply key in the information and one of our experienced team members will be in touch within 2 business hours. If you need a faster response on an urgent scenario, our Scenarios Team are available. Call 1300 24 88 78, and select option 3 to speak directly to the team for immediate assistance.
  • BOLT is mobile and tablet-enabled, which means you can submit and check “My Apps” for all your Connective Asset Finance deals while you’re on the go
  • You’ll receive accurate quotes and a quick turnaround every time.

Want to get started? Just ask the BOLT Team.

BOLT is a great service that fully supports you to expand your offer, even if you want to continue specialising in mortgages. If you feel you need help with a deal, the BOLT Processing Team will assist on 1300 24 88 78, or you can contact your local Broker Support Manager.