How one of our Asset Finance BDMs is going the extra mile for clients

Phillip Meehan

Our Business Development Manager in NSW, Phillip Meehan, shares his top tips on how to go the extra mile for a client.

When did you start working at Connective? What industry did you come from before joining Connective?

I started working at Connective over three years ago. I came from the same industry at a major bank as a BDM, and another aggregator BDM prior to that.

What made you decide to join Connective?

Connective is a powerhouse in finance aggregation in Australia. The reputation of Connective back when I joined was, so much so, that you definitely wanted to join the company in order to be part of something special.

Tell us what you love most about your job

Helping brokers succeed, finding solutions to challenging scenario questions and networking opportunities in the industry.

What value do you think an aggregator brings to brokers?

A great aggregator gives you access to a wide variety of lenders and provides scenario support for brokers looking to use the diverse panel provided.

They are also a partner you couldn’t imagine doing business without.

Tell us about a time when you had to go the extra mile for a client and it made a big difference to their business

There are probably too many to select just one. But being a good BDM involves constantly going that extra mile and I recommend doing the following:

  • calling lenders to escalate files or settlements when a deal has fallen off the conveyor belt
  • helping a broker with analysing a set of financials in order to package up a deal correctly to a lender
  • answering voluminous amounts of scenario calls so our brokers clients can be matched up with the right lender for them.

How do you approach challenging conversations? Can you give advice on how to manage it?

The best advice I can give is this: listen. If someone has had an upsetting experience, the best thing to do is to listen and understand where they are coming from. Once you have listened to their concerns, then put in place an action plan to try and get the issue resolved.

Can you list three reasons you have built successful relationships as a BDM?

  1. Answer your calls. You would be surprised how simple this is, but you hear complaint about this in the industry. You don’t have to get back to the broker straight away, but get back to them before the end of the day.
  2. Brush-up on credit policy – a good BDM is someone who understands the different credit policies.
  3. Have a positive attitude – no one wants to do business with a defeated personality. Bring joy to their day.
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