Building and maintaining relationships with clients during COVID-19

Sam Crouch

Find out how our VIC Business Development Manager, Sam Crouch, supports his clients during these times of uncertainty and how he builds relationships with new clients.

How are you helping your clients manage their business during this time?

By making sure that they have all the relevant tools and information, and in turn, provide their clients with the best possible service. Connective has been amazing through this period with the way we have continued to support and educate brokers. With so much information going around, it can be stressful for brokers as they try to take it all in. We have recently rolled out Lender Information Library. This is a fantastic tool that houses the latest lender resources including view on-demand content, product and policy updates, and digital tools and resources.

How are you managing and maintaining your relationship with your brokers?

Depending on the broker, I aim to check in once a week. These calls do not always revolve around work. Sometimes it is just a general chat to see how they are travelling; we speak about everything from family to what they are currently watching on Netflix. It is important that they know they are supported. As there has been a lot of negative dialogue about Covid-19. I think it is healthy and refreshing to speak about something else, even if it is for 30 minutes out of the day.

How did your workday change now that you don’t have face-to-face meetings?

It took some adjustment at the beginning. It was just finding the routine / schedule that worked for me. I try to plan out the day as much as possible and make sure I get out outside at some stage for some exercise and fresh air. I have a lot more time on my hands without any travel to and from meetings. This has enabled me to spend more time upskilling myself and making sure I am up to date with ever changing lender polices during COVID-19. I have also spent many more hours on the phone.

How are you building relationships with new clients during these challenging times?

With new business, it has probably been more of a ‘light touch’ than a hard sell. Connective has been at the forefront of supporting brokers during this period with initiatives such as our Digital Lender Splendour and our weekly online industry updates. I have encouraged all my non-member contacts to take advantage of these offerings, not only are they extremely educational and useful for brokers, but they really highlight how we go about supporting our brokers and the Industry.

How do you think your job will change post COVID-19?

I would imagine less face-to-face meetings as everyone becomes more comfortable with video calls. Although in saying that, I do miss face-to-face meetings and believe that they will still play a pivotal role in building relationships as we go forward.

How does the broking industry look to you post COVID-19?

I think brokers have shown how important they are during this period. Whether it be to assist in refinancing or organising a small business loan to help with cash flow issues. It is an invaluable service brokers provide, and I see the industry continuing to go from strength to strength.

What common questions are coming from brokers at the moment? How does Connective provide support to address some of their concerns?

One of the biggest concerns my brokers have had during this period has been lender appetites and changing policies. It really has been a moving beast with appetites changing daily. Connective has done a fantastic job in collecting all this information and making it readily available to brokers. Fingers crossed we are nearly out the other side and things are on the up from this point!

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