Broker feature: Lisa Shepherd, Quantum Vehicle & Equipment Finance

Headshot Lisa

Our asset finance broker member, Lisa Shepherd, shares how she maintains her relationship with clients during this time and how her career shifted from being a chef to owning her own asset finance business.

How are you managing and maintaining your client relationship during this time?

I have been making the most out of Connective’s Mercury CRM platform, so working on sending out regular email updates to stay in touch and to let my clients know I am here for them. The CRM templates are easy to use and you can modify them to suit your business requirements. The emails have resulted in many calls over the COVID-19 period with repeat business or referrals from existing clients. I also reached out to my clients immediately when COVID-19 restrictions hit, guiding and assisting clients with deferrals to ease their stress.

Notable mention to Connective’s Jamie Ontal for helping with CRM/Mercury email send-outs because he knows I am technically challenged in this area.

How has your workday change now that you don’t have face-to-face meetings?

My workday changed considerably in the initial phase of COVID-19. There were so many lending policy updates from my vast panel via webinars and Zoom meetings as well as updates from CAFBA. Essentially, the biggest adjustment was having to master Zoom and Skype quick smart for new referrals/clients. Now it’s about adapting my new client’s expectations that Skype and Zoom are the way we communicate at present until face-to-face is resumed.

How does the broking industry look to you post COVID-19?

Exciting as many of the banks are now catching up to technology and implementing digital signing and interviews online for new prospective clients. Most business clients are time poor so having the option to conduct interviews via Skype and Zoom will be extremely appealing for SMEs.

How does Connective support you through these times of uncertainty?

What a team, I cannot rate the Connective BDMs enough for their ongoing support and guidance when required and to Connective as an aggregator. Connective continues to provide regular updates on the industry via webinars that you can opt in or view on demand if you get caught up with clients. The information is invaluable during this ever-changing climate.

Tell us your story: how did you become a broker?

I was enticed into the industry in 1992 by a mortgage broker who saw I had potential in the mortgage finance industry. I was a chef back then but wanted to get into banking as I loved working with figures and crunching numbers. I soon discovered I preferred asset finance and moved to the automotive industry as a finance manager. I spent 18 years in the yards before biting the bullet at 43 and starting my own business.

Can you tell us a bit about what your business offers your clients.

I guess most clients would say I am an out of the box asset broker. I assist clients with both finance as well as a new car buying service. After spending 18 yrs in the automotive industry I witnessed firsthand how people can get caught up in the buying process and spend way more than they had anticipated with aftercare products. I now provide a tendering process for new car purchases and whilst this is underway, we work on getting the finance approved. I am all about keeping the LVR risk as low as possible which in turn means I can offer my client cheaper rates. Win win situation!

What’s the thing you like best about your job?

I love helping people achieve their dreams of their next new car or helping their business grow with a new truck, plant or equipment. I was only talking to a client recently about a Baler I funded for him back in 2016 for $44k. That Baler alone has generated over $400k in income for him and has allowed him to grow his business and purchase more equipment over the years. It's stories like these that are rewarding, knowing that I have helped a small business grow.

I still love asset finance after 27 years and I think taking the step to becoming a broker increased my love and passion of the industry. The autonomy of working alone and having the flexibility gave me a good work/life balance.

How does Connective help you achieve your professional and business goals?

At the click of a button, Connective has so many support tools from marketing, online learning, and development through to compliance assistance, seriously the list is endless. All are relevant in pursuing ones’ professional and business goals.

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