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Increase the value of every client by creating multiple servicing opportunities

Maximise the profit potential in your existing database

Giving your customers the opportunity to access asset or business finance from an avenue they know and trust is not only an excellent way to give them value, it helps to ensure your business remains relevant to your customers in the long-term. You can use asset and business finance products as a tool to retain customers and increase their value to your business.

You’ll find it’s easy to use Connective Asset Finance to create several additional revenue streams to support your long-term success. Adding asset and business finance could also give your profits an immediate boost as you tap into the unrealised profit potential of your database with our simple email marketing campaigns.

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Two ways to boost your bottom line

Connective Asset Finance gives you access to a panel of lenders providing competitive finance options for private cars and recreational vehicles, trucks, yellow goods, business plant and equipment and more. It also gives you access to specialist SME lenders offering a wide variety of flexible finance options for small to medium business enterprises (SMEs).

SME Finance

The smart way to write business loans
SMEs often have difficulty finding the right loan or financing option when they need it most. Connective Asset Finance gives you the opportunity to access specialised lenders who can help with a broad range of business finance options for tax purposes, purchasing inventory and equipment, remodelling business premises, managing cash flow and much more. Our panel of lenders offer you fast turnaround times and finance can often be arranged without security. It’s a smart way to open a new market and add another revenue stream to improve your bottom line.

Asset & Equipment Finance

Take care of your customers with tailored finance
Whether your customers are purchasing an asset for their business or for private use, Connective Asset Finance provides you with a variety of options so that you can tailor their finance product to their individual needs, financial circumstances and goals. Whether it’s finance for a private car, or finance for business related equipment, you can offer them a straight forward loan, a variety of different leasing options, or a chattel mortgage that will help them maximise their tax benefits. What’s more, you can choose options from a variety of different lenders with very competitive rates.

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BOLT makes asset finance simple and easy

BOLT is a specialised asset finance processing platform designed to help you deliver fast, best-practice outcomes for a wide variety of customer requirements, every time. No matter what your level of experience with writing asset or business finance, BOLT gives you an option to process your deals with the level of personalised support you need to provide a professional result and maximise the profitability of your time:

Tick & Flick

If you’re new to asset finance or just short on time, simply fill out your clients’ details on BOLT and send through to our Processing Team to complete the process for a split commission.


Prepare a quote, select a suitable loan and submit the application yourself via BOLT in a matter of minutes. For complex deals get support from our Scenarios Team with a click of your mouse.

Go Direct

If you are an experienced asset finance broker, you may prefer to use a combination of these methods or maintain direct accreditations with lenders and simply use their platform or BOLT, as required, to submit deals.

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