CHL Product Update

Withdrawal process for Connective Home Loans Smart Options by Macquarie.

Macquarie recently announced that it would be withdrawing its white label product offering from the market. This will result in the cancellation of Connective Home Loans Smart Options by Macquarie products early next year. Here’s the details of the process:

  • Macquarie will accept applications for CHL Smart Options until Friday 1st of February 2019 (last day).
  • Applications will have a 90-day window to be formally approved.
  • Loan documents, once issued, have a 90-day life before expiry (which can be extended by a further 30 days if your client signs an applicant circumstances declaration).
  • All other variations such as splits, fixed rates, I/O extensions, partial discharges, deed release, consents and substitutions will continue to be processed in the usual way via phone or email.

What’s next?

 Connective is committed to providing white-label products that offer real value and give you a competitive edge. We’re working on expanding our product range and you can be sure we’re looking to buy broader and deeper than any other lender! Meanwhile, it’s business as usual for our most popular product, Connective Home Loans Essentials by Advantedge.

If you have any questions, please get in touch using the details below.

Cassandra Woodyard, Connective Home Loans Business Specialist
0499 399 663

Michael Goerner, Head of Connective Home Loans 0418 993 362.

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