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Do you possess the 3 key attributes of success?

What makes some brokers more successful than others? What are the personality traits and characteristics that help a broker rise to the top of their profession? Do you have them?

At Connective, supporting you to achieve success is our primary goal. In 2017 we conducted extensive research to find out the answer to these burning questions and to understand the profile of the most successful brokers in the Australian mortgage broking industry.

The key attributes of success

Our research identified three key broker attributes as critical success factors.

profile me image 1


The research indicated a sales orientation is the most important of the three, particularly in the formative years when a broker is in start-up mode and revenue generation is critical for survival.

However, the balance of attributes required to be a successful broker in the long-term is likely to be a combination of all three.  But don’t worry – the research also indicated that you don’t necessarily need to be born with these attributes to be a successful broker – they can be acquired or developed with training and experience.

What is ProfileMe?

Identifying what the attributes of success may be is a completely different task to finding out if an individual possesses them. So, we searched far and wide for a profiling tool that we could all use to help us improve our businesses, without much success.

As a solution,  late last year we engaged a specialist profiling organisation to develop ProfileMe. It’s a DISC based profiling tool, purpose built specifically for Australian mortgage brokers and is designed to help you identify these critical traits for yourself, your current team and in future staff recruitment.

“Since trialling ProfileMe with great success at Coronis, we have fully integrated it into our hiring system. It has also become imperative in assisting our management team with tailoring onboarding training and support for each individual broker. This is providing a significant increase in broker retention and an uplift in our team culture.” Tyson James, Financial Services Director, Coronis.

ProfileMe can help us all to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our new brokers and staff, so we can tailor our support and learning programs more effectively. Connective will be using it with both onboarding new brokers and tailoring our learning program to support you in growing your skills and developing your business. And there are multiple ways that you can use it in your business too.

How could you use ProfileMe?


Recruiting the right people to grow your business is a challenge we understand. Finding the right person with the right experience to fit your business model and company culture is not an easy task, particularly as there are so few brokers seeking employment to choose from.

ProfileMe can help you gather more information about your potential employees to ensure they are the right fit for your business. It will help you answer questions like:

  • Do they have the right skills and competencies?
  • Will they fit within the culture of your organisation?
  • How will their skills and behaviours compliment your existing staff structure?

“I have encouraged my team to share their ProfileMe reports and their assigned animals – it’s a fun reminder of our strengths and weaknesses and it has allowed a new team to build a good working relationship faster.” Trent Carter, Head of Lending & Advisory, Provident

Staff assessments

ProfileMe can also be useful to identify strengths and weaknesses amongst your existing staff so that they may support each other more effectively and teach each other new skills. You can also use it to discover what type of training may be required, or to identify staff suitable for promotion. It’s insightful, but it’s also fun and has been very well received as a tool that employees can use to get the right insights to take their career where they want it to go.

Identify your own strengths and weaknesses

You may even want to use ProfileMe yourself to discover your own strengths and weaknesses, so you can identify and attend the right Connective Learning opportunities to improve your performance. This self-assessment process can help you to be a better broker, manager and leader, which will ultimately help you make your business run more efficiently and profitably.

Access ProfileMe at no cost

ProfileMe is a very cool tool. It’s based on a well-known psychometric theory using four different behavioural characteristics known as DISC: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Everyone’s profile has one of these lead primary qualities that predominantly drives their behaviour.

“ProfileMe is very accurate. The questionnaire is easy to complete and reading the results is like reading myself and my staff on a page. I highly recommend this to anyone in business.” Kelly Cameron, MD Get Real Finance.

ProfileMe is so simple to use that all brokers can quickly and easily apply it to improve their business. The assessment itself takes less than ten minutes! You’ll even find there’s some fun aspects like providing an animal that best represents your profile:

profile me image 2Connective is delighted to share ProfileMe with our members at no cost. If you’d like an assessment for yourself, want to include ProfileMe in your recruitment process, or simply better understand your current employees to improve teamwork, just select one of the two options below.

Option A: Team Profile

Simply email and provide the first and last name of each team member who will undertake the assessment, and their email address.

image 6

Option B: Ongoing Recruitment

Please complete the table below and email it to, including the email address or addresses you would like your reports sent to.

image 7




Once your request is received the ProfileMe Team will be in touch. All reports will be emailed back to the email address you provide and are strictly confidential.

ProfileMe is a new service exclusive to Connective members. Don’t wait to obtain some incredible insights into the people in your business, or to take advantage of ProfileMe in your recruitment efforts. It could make a huge difference to your success!