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Mercury Update – Did you know….


A couple of weeks back in the office, and our conference is already a distant memory. But what a great success once again! I’ve been to the Connective Conference every year for the past six years, and every year it just gets bigger and better. Something I really enjoy about the conference is getting amongst the brokers and their staff and talking “shop”. It’s a great opportunity to get lots of feedback and ideas about how people are using Mercury.

Something that occurred to me last week is that there are some really useful features around Mercury that are being under-utilised simply because people are not aware that they exist.

Here’s just a few:

You can point the Contact Us form on your website to populate Mercury.
Almost every website has a “Contact Us” form. Typically, when a prospect fills out this form, you get an email capturing the details, which you then have to transcribe into the CRM. With a few fairly simple alterations, you can set your form so that when it is filled in, and opportunity and a person are created in Mercury, and Mercury immediately sends you an email & an SMS with the details.

When you are sending an email from outlook to Mercury, you can re-name the attachments prior to sending.
To be honest, I wasn’t even aware of this one. But the request arose around two scenarios. Firstly, the client might email a series of scans, but name them 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, etc. Secondly, brokers are scanning documents directly to their emails, and the attachment might be named something like AT3940.pdf. Either way, when they are sent to Mercury, there is nothing identifiable in the name of the attachment. However, the ability to rename the document within the Outlook add-in alleviates this issue.

The quick-note feature of the Mercury smartphone app allows you to quickly add a note, and send it to Mercury.
You might be on the road, and you’ve just received a phone call from a client. You want to document the details of the conversation against the opportunity in Mercury, but this means either keeping it in memory or writing it down and transcribing it into Mercury when you get a change to open your laptop. However, with the Mercury smartphone app (Mercury Lite), you can quickly key in the details of the note, and send it to the appropriate opportunity.

Using the Google integration, you can sync your contacts to your smartphone.
While for over 12 months it has been possible to search your contact list via the Mercury smartphone app, there are two additional benefits to syncing to your phone’s contact list. Firstly, this allows easy integration into the “get directions” feature of whichever mapping application you are using*.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, this means that when you are taking an inbound call, the name of the person will appear, giving you the chance to set up a nice welcoming opening. And lastly, if you receive a reply to a My Marketing birthday SMS, you can see who it is, and quickly send a personalised response.

As always, if you have any queries about any of the above, submit a helpdesk ticket, and the guys will be happy to help you out.

*I’m no Apple aficionado, but I highly recommend the SatNav mode in the new iPhone Maps app.

Ben Cook
Head of Development