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We asked some of our top brokers why they love our award-winning IT Platform, Mercury so much. Here’s three ways it helps them improve their business.

Automate tasks to save time

Nathan Vecchio – Hunter Galloway

“I’m very proud of using Mercury to automate a lot of manual tasks and to refine our processes. For me, refining our business processes has been an ongoing project, and I think the single biggest contributor to our growth. It’s helped us build a more effective team and deliver a better service to our customers.

We spend time each week reviewing our various business processes with the team, looking at ways to reduce waste and double handling. In a short period of time, we’ve been able to drastically increase our approval conversion rates by making lots of small changes.

The knock-on effect of this has been freeing up my own time. It’s taken me away from endless hours of administration and given me more time for relationship building and networking. I believe I have found myself an extra day every week that I can now dedicate to customers and networking!”

Use the CRM to build relationships

Renee Tocco – Loanezi

“Tech is something that Connective does very well – it’s a real differentiator. I really love Mercury. It’s very comprehensive and the CRM is exactly what we need. My whole team has found Mercury really, really, easy to use. The automated tasking templates save heaps of time – they flag everything that needs to be done and nothing is ever missed.

I absolutely love the marketing tools in Mercury – the Connective Digital Marketing Hub is the best thing ever – so much more cost-effective than what I had before. It has great reporting. I’m focused on my online presence and social media marketing, so it’s key. I do a lot of things with it, I even use it when sending out invites to parties.

BOLT is also a brilliant piece of tech! It’s accessible from my Mercury dashboard whenever I need to use it. I don’t do a lot of that type of finance (private car finance and small business finance outside of ICT), but when I do it’s super simple with BOLT. It explains what the next step is – it’s so user friendly that it’s just fun as far as I’m concerned. I’ve put all my broker friends onto it!”

Empower your entire team with great processes

Laura Sillano – POD Financial

“Having used a variety of systems and software, I have found Mercury to be intuitive and comparatively easy to use. Using it effectively has helped build my business and empower my team.

“We use Mercury to streamline our assessment processes and leverage our activities with outsourced staff. I believe that the best way to maximise my time is to use great technology to develop clear processes that my people can easily follow.

I also use Mercury as an assessment and compliance system. I know I have so much more to learn about its latest capabilities, and I’m excited to see how I can use it even more effectively as I grow the business in different areas.”

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