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Leveraging your business with social media


‘Socialise’ with your business prospects

We have spoken about social media quite a bit over the last couple of months in the lead up to our new social media marketing service ‘Conective Socialise’, which we officially launched at Conference last month.

Connective Socilise is a tool that will automatically publish social media updates to your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In accounts. With links to relevant customer focused articles, housing market updates and topical discussions, the content is varied. We write the posts for you and update all your accounts. In doing so you’ll build conversations with clients and generate awareness of your business which will help you stay top of mind.

We have gone down this path of marketing because of the wide use of social media in Australia on multiple devices including smartphones. According to the report Facebook is the social media platform of choice with over 11 million user accounts in Australia (55% of the population in fact), followed by YouTube, Blogspot, Linked In and Twitter. Its user friendly platform allows you to share just about anything and the instant chat feature makes it a one stop shop when it comes to socialising.

Given we are thinking ‘socially’, we thought we’d delve in to the topic of social media marketing a little deeper and explain how this form of marketing functions and how it can help attract new business.

Facebook business pages are a great way to build lasting relationships with your clients and create engaging content which will be seen by fans of your page. Facebook business pages let you display your logo and express your business identity with cover photo. On your page you can publish information about your business, mention your business’s key milestones and respond to your contacts (or fans) in a quick and personalised fashion. You can attract likes by giving your page a consistent voice and by encouraging people to like and share your posts. Engaging content can be varied. You can publish photos, videos, links to interesting articles and it’s a great idea to ask questions which can initiate conversation. This kind of user participation will make your business more transparent which will bring you closer to your clients. You can think about developing a social media calendar with the dates and type of content you’d like to post.

Twitter is a unique platform which features a fast paced newsfeed where you can post newsworthy information in a short and snappy manner. Twitter’s 140 character post limit is that it forces you to be concise and to the point in your message or ‘tweet’, I should say.

Linked In can perform a different function to Facebook and Twitter as it is all about you as an individual specifically in the business context. Similar to business’s companies and organisations, people are also ‘brands’. This gets us thinking about what our personal brand is and how we would like our brand to be perceived. This is where Linked In comes into play. Through this platform you are able to promote yourself as a brand and generate awareness of your unique personal brand in the online business arena.

Connective Socialise can help you utilise these social media platforms and help you say top of mind as a business and individual.

Our service will automatically publish social media updates to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The content is varied with links to relevant consumer focused articles, housing market updates and topical discussions. Oh, and you don’t have to lift a finger – or click a mouse.

How does it work?

When you sign up for Socialise, you indicate which social media accounts you would like to use.
We will send a minimum of 8 social media posts per month on your behalf. Remember, you can continue to post your own updates in conjunction with your Socialise service. This is something we recommend because the more social media activity on your page the better!
Our Socialise service comes free to our Gold subscribers for up to 3 accounts, however it’s also available to Silver and Bronze subscribers as well as non-members at a fee.
To find out more about Connective Socialise email or view our information pack here.